Community Education 
Registration Guidelines & General Information
Office of Special Education and Educational Services (716)542-5039

Registration may be completed by mail or in person as follows:


By Mail:                Mail your completed registration form, including payment, made payable to

                             Akron/Newstead Community Education, to:


                              Akron/Newstead Community Education
                              Akron Central Schools
7 Bloomingdale Ave. 

                              Akron, NY  14001


In Person:             At the ACS Office of Special Education & Educational Services, High School Room H-195
      (across from the Distict Office). 
Registrations accepted all year.



Sr. Citizens Discount:  Senior Citizen (55+) discounts are available for Fitness Center memberships.


Refund Policy:     No Refunds.   





The Fitness Center and Hall Walking are not available on Holidays/Vacation Dates/Unexpected Closings.


QUESTIONS?   Call 542-5039.