Global History and Geography 10 Regents Course Syllabus

Instructor: Mrs. Doyle

Text: McDougal Littell – Modern World History Patterns of Interaction


Parent Portal: (see page 2 of the syllabus for more information).


Course Description

Global History and Geography 10 is the second part of a two-year course, culminating with a Regents examination at the end of year two. The second half of the course will trace social, political and economic trends from the Age of Absolutism through current global issues.


Attendance: In order for you to succeed in this class, you need to be present every day and participate to the best of your ability. NOTE: If you are absent you must meet with me prior to homeroom OR during 9th period to find out what work you are missing. COMMUNICATION IS KEY.


Homework: Assignments are due at the beginning of class. NOTE: If you are absent the day an assignment is due, it is due the day you return OR we will set up a reasonable due date should you be out for more than one day. You are responsible for ALL MISSED WORK AND QUIZZES. IF YOU DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH ME—YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR ANY MISSED WORK or QUIZ. *See Parent Portal description to view daily homework assignments and grades.


Supplies: You will need:

  • 3 ring binder for printed notes
  • 3-4 dividers with pockets to be used in 3 ring binder
  • 1-2 subject spiral notebook for outlining and note-taking practice
  • 2-3 highlighters
  • Blue or black pens and pencils

DUE DATE: You will need all of these supplies and the syllabus signed no later than Monday 9/10. This will be your first grade for the course.

Course Content                                               

INTRODUCTION (Course syllabus, exam overview, etc)

Chapter 5: Absolutism

Chapter 6: Enlightenment and Revolution

Chapter 7: French Revolution and Napoleon

Chapter 8: Nationalist Revolutions

Chapter 9: Industrial Revolution

Chapter 10: Age of Democracy

Chapter 11: Age of Imperialism

Chapter 12: Transformations around the World

Chapter 13: The Great War

Chapter 14: Revolution and Nationalism

Chapter 15: Years of Crisis

Chapter 16: World War II

Chapter 17: Restructuring Postwar

Chapter 18: Colonies Become New Nations

Chapter 19: Struggles for Democracy

Chapter 20: Global Interdependence

REVIEW for New York State Regents Global History and Geography examination in June

Course Methods/Skills

Due to the new Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), all course instructors will be required to infuse their curriculum with more reading and writing. To that end, here is a look at some of the methods/strategies I will utilize to ensure reading and writing is addressed:

  • WRITING PORTFOLIO: students will keep a portfolio to track writing progress and address specific needs with the Thematic and DBQ Essay on the examination.
  • VOCABULARY EXERCISES: several difficult ELA and history specific words appear frequently on the NYS Regents exam, therefore we will learn and use these words to better prepare for the multiple choice section of the examination.
  • NOTE-TAKING/OUTLINING: using the text and primary source readings, students will regularly work on their note-taking skills.
  • PRESENTATION and IN-CLASS DEBATES: in order to develop student oral communication skills they will be required to prepare and deliver an oral presentation and participate in several in-class debates.
  • VIDEO CLIPS: students will view numerous video clips to help engage and learn historical content.



Course Evaluation

Tests and Quizzes: 60%

Homework and Participation: 40%

NYS Evaluation

In June, students will take the Global History and Geography Regents examination. As I stated before, this exam will cover BOTH Global 9 AND Global 10 material, therefore independent study and review is imperative. I will provide students with a list of review activities/resources, so they can begin this process early. The exam consists of (3) parts: PT I: 50 multiple choice, PT II: Thematic Essay, PT III A: Documents (Short Answer questions), PT III B: DBQ Essay using the content from PT III A. The grade received on this examination is a large component of the course grade; therefore performance on this exam is critical to both passing the course and securing Regents credit.


How can I hold my son/daughter accountable?

Please use the Parent Portal to view daily homework assignments and grades. I post homework assignments daily and update grades on a regular basis. Should you have a question regarding anything in the Parent Portal, I encourage you to ask your child to communicate with me first. I’ll be happy to document the outcome of our conversation so they can return to you with an answer. If this does not help to resolve the issue, of course you may contact me at anytime via email or phone. To access the Parent Portal go to: and click on the “A+ Parent Portal icon.” You should’ve received a username and password last year, however if you need it reissued please call the Akron Tech. Dept. at 542-5045.


NOTE: Please review all of the information above, particularly “Course evaluation,” “NYS evaluation,” and “How can I hold my son/daughter accountable.” The above syllabus is subject to change.


I, __________________________, have read the above syllabus and understand that it is my responsible to meet all course requirements. 





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