Distance Learning

Using fully interactive, full-motion video and audio systems connected via fiber-optic cable and telecommunications equipment, Akron students and faculty members are able to participate in instructional opportunities with remote locations.

ACS is equipped with a distance learning classroom. The Distance Learning Classroom is equipped with a document camera to display visual material and serve as an "electronic chalkboard", surface-mounted microphones at each student table, a camera in back of the room focused on the teacher and a camera in front of the room focused on the students. In addition, the DL classroom is equipped with a VCR designed to play prerecorded tapes, record a lesson, or record activity in any of the sites. A fax machine is available to transmit hardcopy between sites (e.g., for quizzes, tests homework, instructions). A computer workstation is also integrated as an additional teaching tool.

In addition to multi-point video conferencing, the school is equipped with point to point ISDN video conferencing setup called a Polycom. By placing the equipment on mobile carts, all classrooms can access video conferencing across the district or across the world.

For more information about Akron Schools video conferencing or to arrange for a conference please contact Mr. Douglas Dailey at (716)542-5045 or email dadailey@akronschools.org.



Links to Get You Started:

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration - The two links below are great places to start if you are looking Video Conferencing opportunities:

Content Provider Programs: http://www.cilc.org/c/education/content_provider_programs.aspx

Collaboration Opportunities:


AT&T Video Conference Adventures - The "Yellow Pages" of Videoconferencing!http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/vidconf/adventures.html

Virtual Field Trip List

Powerpoint Intro to Video Conferencing



How Can I Schedule a Video Conference for my Classroom?

1. Send a USC ( User Support Center Document) to include the following:

Who: The Name of the Content Provider ( Buffalo Science Museum, Indianapolis Zoo etc.)

What: The name of the conference you are requesting (Butterflies, Native Americans, Simple Machines, etc.)

When: List the days of the week and times of the day that work best for your class. (Hint: be as flexible as possible, i.e. The first two weeks of March, Mondays or Wednesdays, sometime between 12 and 2:30 pm) The more flexible the greater the possibility youll find your first choice.

Where: Your grade level, subject and room number

2. Your USC will be assigned and tracked while we do the following: We will work with BOCES and the content provider to book your conference.

3. When we have your request lined up we will contact you for a Final Confirmation. That confirmation will list the date and time of the conference for your final approval as well as contact information for the content provider.

4. Reply to that confirmation request ASAP and your conference will be booked.

5. Prepare your students for the field trip. You should contact the content provider for help in preparing your students. You can share your individual needs with the content provider in order to customize that conference to your specific needs.

6. Be ready with your class at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the conference.

7. A department Tech will handle all the technical aspects of the conference. They will also prep your class on how to get the most from a video conference including proper behavior for video conferences. Feel free to use the Powerpoint intro to Video Conferencing prior to your scheduled session.