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  • Tenured Teachers Coaching Options:

    Coaching relationships for tenured teachers are completely voluntary, and can take a variety of forms.  Coaching focus areas may include, but are not limited to:

    • Collaborating for a formal observation lesson
    • Identifying and Implementing student focused goals
    • Support with new curriculums
    • Integrating literacy tasks into the content areas
    • Classroom Management
    • Differentiated Instruction

    Coaching relationships can also be surface level or deep.  Please refer to the document below to get a better understanding.

    Surface vs Deep Coaching

    Coaching 1

  • Non-Tenured Teachers Coaching Options:

    During 2017-2018, all non-tenured probationary teachers have the opportunity to participate in a deep coaching cycle.  This cycle lasts between 4-6 weeks and includes two recorded lessons, a student focused goal, and implementation of an instructional strategy focused on achieving the goal. 

    Please refer to the following document for a detailed explanation of the deep coaching cycle:

    Summary of Deep Coaching Cycle

    Beyond the deep coaching cycle, non-tenured teachers are encouraged to have on-going relationships with the instructional coaches at any level in order to increase student engagement and achievement.