• Photography 1 - Assignments


    Project 7 - Long Exposure Photography - Description/ Notes


    FINAL EXAM REVIEW: Tues 1/22


    FINAL EXAM: Wed  1/23

    Finish Long Exposure Photography, Clean student share folders, Display new photos


    Photography 2 - Assignments


    Project 1 - Winter Photography - Description/ Notes

    • Project:
    • Artist: 
    • Vocab: 
    • Camera Skills: exposure compensation
    • Photoshop Tools: 
    • DUE: 
    • Review Notes: DUE:
    • Links: 


    Project 9 -  - Description/ Notes

    • Project:
    • Artist: 
    • Vocab: 
    • Camera Skills: 
    • Photoshop Tools: 
    • DUE: 
    • Review Notes: DUE:
    • Links: 




    Interesting Ideas:

    Photo Sequence





    Marking Period #1

    Syllabus/ Camera Agreement - DUE Fri 9/7

    Camera Parts and Functions - Basic Test - In Class

    Proj 1 - Scavenger Hunt -  LIST

    • Vocab: focal point, exposure
    • Camera Skills - basic camera parts, proper stance, P mode, clear focus, rule of thirds, unusual angles, 6 tips, ISO
    • Photoshop tools: histogram, cropping (with rule of thirds), proper exposure- adjustment layers: levels, curves, color correction
    • DUE: Thurs 9/20: 25 different photos (no same/similar from team member)(2=image, 2=clear focus, corrected exposure/color)
    • Review Notes: DUE 10/1 

    Proj 2 - Nature Photography - Description

    • Vocab: aperture, depth of field (wide DOF & shallow DOF), focal point, Av, f stop, exposure, panoramic, vertoramic
    • Camera Skills: adjusting aperture and focus, manual focus
    • Photoshop Tools: panorama, vertorama, panoramic planet, selective blur, adjustment layers: b&w, color filter, special effects filters
    • DUE: Fri 10/5: 1) One landscape wide dof 2) One panoramic landscape wide dof 3) One vertoramic landscape wide dof 4) Best nature macro shallow dof 5) Best nature macro wide dof 6) Photoshop Blur effect on one image 7) One Panormaic Planet 8) One High Contrast B&W 9) One color Filter photo 10) One special effect filter image
    • Review Notes: DUE 10/12

    Proj 3 - Portraiture with Lighting - Description/Notes

    • Vocab: 3 point and 4 point lighting system, key light, fill light, back light, background light, underlight, silhouette, high key, low key, chiaroscuro, well lit, green screen
    • Camera Skills: manual lighting techniques, tripod, backdrop use, using aperture and ISO to control lighting
    • Photoshop Tools: adjustment layers: levels, curves, color balance
    • DUE: Fri 10/19: One edited of each: underlight, silhouette, high key, low key, chiaroscuro, well lit, green screen
    • Review Notes: DUE 10/24

    Quiz Review: Notes from Camera Basics & Proj 1 & 2- Mon 10/15

    Quiz #1: Tues 10/16

    Proj 4 - Photoshop Portrait Special Effects Unit for Halloween - Description/Notes

    • Vocab: selective color, desaturation, invert, gradient
    • Camera Skills: use photos from last project
    • Photoshop Tools: adjustment layers, mask, blending modes, opacity, sponge, selection tools, transform, color filter, gradient tool
    • DUE: 10/31
    • Review Notes: 11/2 (write in notes from videos as needed to help you do the techniques)

    Proj 5 - Hi-Speed Photography - Description/Notes


    File Management: Delete unused photos from student folder, convert PSD to jpg if done editing (compresses file size)

    PRINT folder- put at LEAST one photo for print- mount, tag, and hang piece


    Project 6 - Motion Sequence - Description/ Notes

    • Series Photo Collage (5 pts), Abstract-Futurism (3 pts), In One Photo (5 pts), gif animation (2 pts)
    • Artist: Eadweard Muybridge
    • Vocab: Sequence, Futurism, Grid, Guidelines, Transform, Maintain Aspect Ratio, Blending Mode, Keyframe, Gif Animation, 
    • Camera Skills: speed setting, Continuous Burst with Self-Timer, tripod use
    • Photoshop Tools: Grid, Guidelines, Transform Tools, Blending modes, Layer Opacity, Motion Timeline, Saving gif files, Image Size, Resolution
    • DUE: 12/19
    • Review Notes: DUE: 12/17
    • Links: Action sequence photography, How toHow to 2, Anton Guilio Bragaglia- FuturismCreate Animated Gif


    Quiz #3 - 12/19


    Thurs/ Fri: Special Activity: Mini Photo Infinity Cube, Better Explanation