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World War II Memorial Plaque re-dedicated

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AKRON, NEW YORK (November 13, 2018) – The Akron Central School District re-dedicated its World War II Memorial plaque during a special ceremony held Tuesday, November 13, 2018. The plaque was refurbished by Akron High School senior Millard Young with assistance from Technology teacher, Mr. Andrew Clouse. The plaque lists students and teachers who served in the war.      Mr. Joseph Lucenti, High School Principal, was emcee for the event, welcoming guests that included local WWII veterans Mr. Robert Anderson, Mr. Sebastian Bordonaro, Mr. Clair E. Roesch and Mr. Lauren Whiting, who were Akron High School students who served in the war and are among those listed on the plaque. Mr. Ed Clancey, a WWII veteran from Clarence, was also in attendance.      Millard Young was recognized for his initiative to consult with Mr. Clouse as well as school officials to refurbish the old plaque and his efforts to see it to fruition. He and Mr. Clouse came up with a design using new materials while salvaging the original frame as well as the eagle mounted at the top of the frame. The over 400 names of the servicemen and women were engraved on anodized brushed aluminum using the laser engraver the school acquired in recent years with funding from NYS Senator Michael Ranzenhofer. Additionally, local business Schrock Metal Products, Inc., helped to create and donated the lettering at the top of the plaque, cut from quarter-inch steel. Funding for the remaining supplies came from the school.

     The project began in March 2018 and was completed and re-installed during the first week of school in September. Young estimates it took approximately 150 hours to complete.      Asked about his motivation for the project, Millard stated that he is a patriotic person and respects what the men and women listed on the plaque had done for the country and felt that the plaque should “be perfect and not worn.”

     Young is humble about his efforts to complete the project.

     “I did not expect to be recognized,” said Millard, about his involvement and the ceremony. “I do feel that some don’t realize the sacrifice made by these servicemen. I feel that we need to be more appreciative and not take what we have for granted and give back in some way.”

     Several other veterans from the community were on hand for the ceremony that brought together students from the elementary, middle and high schools, staff members, as well as family members of those being honored. Elementary students created a banner thanking our veterans and students held it in front of the small dais that was set up for the ceremony. The event was held in the high school hallway where the previous WWII plaque has been hanging for decades and the new one installed. Students were encouraged to shake hands with the WWII and other veterans in attendance.

     "I've never been so proud of our school and students, particularly Millard, for recognizing the sacrifices of these servicemen who history has labeled as the greatest generation,” said Mr. Lucenti.  “Their sacrifices till this day have given us the freedom we so often take for granted.  And Millard Young's selfless attitude is a reflection of the contributions made by that generation.  We had living history with us today and to see our students look into each of these veteran's eyes, shake their hands and say thank you will have a lifelong effect on them and our veterans."

     In his remarks during the ceremony, Mr. Lucenti also acknowledged that many of the listed names are those of women and Native Americans from Akron High School who served.      The Akron Bugle live streamed the event using Facebook, which can still be viewed at

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