committee Committees

    The Akron PTA is a group of parents, grandparents, community members, school faculty and staff that strive to meet various needs of the elementary, middle school and high school students throughout the Akron Central School District.  Through a few fundraising endeavors, the PTA is able to provide many programs and services to the student population.  The PTA is a non-profit, volunteer organization that uses all funds for the programs and services it provides.  The PTA is always looking for fresh ideas and volunteers to help with programs and events!
    Below is a list of officers, committees, chairpersons and job duties. If you have any questions or would like to join a committee please us at PTA@akronk12.org.

    2018-19 PTA Officers:

       President - Melissa Garverick  (716-984-0661)        Vice President - Ashley Snyder

    Secretary - Holly Berghorn/Melissa Polkowski             Treasurer - Kim Robinson




     Job Duties


    Tammy Holtz
    Renee Orr

    Recognizing school faculty and staff with small tokens of appreciation for their efforts and involvement with our children.

    Arts and Education Melissa Polkowski

    Enriching children's academic experience through art activities.  This committee also prepares "Showcase of Talents", the student displays of artwork throughout the community.


    Jody Brege

    Preparing baked goods for PTA events.

    Book Fairs

    Elem: Ashley Snyder & Melissa Garverick
    MS:  Melissa Polkowski & Kathy Chubb 

    Organizing and working at the two elementary Scholastic Book Fairs.  September and spring time.  Middle School book fair is held in November, coinciding with November Parent-Teacher Conferences.

    Box Tops

    Melissa Siska

    Counting and packaging box  tops from an assortment of products that are turned in by students.  Money is earned from the Box Tops program. 

    Colleen Scotch
    Heather Cayea
    Laura Penn
    Enriching children's academic experience through extracurricular activities such as Spanish classes and Nature Ed-Ventures.

    Family Fun & Movie Night

    Kim Robinson
    Jason Amirian

    Planning and helping with the operations of  family events and elementary movie nights.


    Anne Paquin
    Emily Kenline

    Organizing and managing PTA fundraisersGertrude Hawk chocolate sales and a few other small fundraising events. 

    Holiday Correspondence

    Kim Robinson
    Jason Amirian

    Helping all the letters to Santa find their way to the North Pole and making sure Santa delivers the return letters on time. 

    Holiday Shoppe

    Taryn Vohwinkle

    Organizing, managing and working at the Holiday Shoppe in December.

    In Lieu Of

    Melissa Siska

    In lieu of a holiday gift for a child's teachers, donations are collected to purchase and item(s) for the school or a charitable cause.

    Membership & Odd Jobs

    Taryn Vohwinkle

    Maintaining membership records and calling on other volunteers who have signed up to help in certain categories.  Odd jobs are one-time functions or events that the PTA has been asked to help out with (Picture day, kids vote, phone tree, Budget Advisory Committee). 

    Public Relations


    Provides the PR for the PTA.  Informs the school community and community at large of what the PTA is doing to support education.

    Reading Program


    Kim Robinson
    Shannon Priebe
    Michelle Dean

    Promoting reading among the student population.  The monthly elementary reading calendar, the Reading Carnival and Reading Challenge.


    Theresa Mussell

    Promoting school wide involvement in the National PTAs annual art competition.  This event happens during late fall/early winter. 


    Melissa Polkowski

    Overseeing MS and HS programs (ie: Freshman Fun Day, college scholarships, National and National Junior Honor Society receptions). 

    Special Education Heather Cayea

    The Special Education Committee offers parent support for families with special need students and raises awareness of students with special needs within the school and community.

    Supply Kits

    Erin Polkowski

    Advertising and managing the ordering for next years pre-packaged school supply kits and homeroom delivery of the kits prior to the start of the new school year.  (Spring and Summer of 11).