homework notebook
    **The purpose of homework is to practice that day's learning,to help assess if you've truly learned the subject matter, and to help prepare for quizzes/tests. Homework should be able to be completed independently by your child, with minimal assistance.
    **It is very important that you be sure to CHOOSE to complete each homework assignment. 
    **Homework will be checked to be sure it is complete, and of high quality.  Homework will be graded based on these attributes.
    **It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work missed  from absence(s).

    **  Students write all assignments in their daily agendas.
    **  I suggest that all students have a homework partner that they can call if they are unsure about a particular assignment ( ex: pg. number, number of problems assigned, etc.)

    **Homework will be marked on a 4-point scale:
    4- complete homework, with effort/ high quality
    3- complete homework, with lesser effort/quality
    2- incomplete homework ( less than 50 % complete )
    1- late homework
    0- no homework turned in
    PLEASE NOTE:  If homework is not handed in, you will have 2 days to complete it.  After 2 days has lapsed, it will be counted as a 0.
    Each time you do not have your homework, it is highly recommended to stay 9th period to complete it.