• Corrections Policy         owl         

    On most graded assignments, your child will have the opportunity to improve their test/quiz grade by making  corrections to earn back up to half of the points deducted.  Corrections are generally due the day after the assignment is returned.  Your child will be informed of the due date.

    Below are the directions for making corrections:

    *  make corrections on a blank sheet of lined notebook paper

    *  place a full heading on the paper

    *  be sure to re-write the question(s) that was marked incorrect.  Then write the correction answer below the question.

    ** Please have a parent sign the paper with the grade on it.

    PLEASE NOTE:  For Spelling Test corrections, each list word should be correctly written out 4 times, on the back of the test paper.  Please be sure to include the question number (actual problem number only needs to be written once )