birthdayBirthdays- may be celebrated in school with a special treat!  If you would like to send in a treat, we will plan on sharing them at the end of the day.  Treats must be store-bought and wrapped individually. Students may bring their treat in, in the morning, or families may drop it off at the Greeter's Desk at main entrance. Napkins would also be appreciated!  Summer birthdays will be celebrated next June! 



    FIELD TRIPS-  We will be going on some very exciting field trips in second grade.  Detailed information, permission slips, and requests for board-approved parent volunteers will be sent home ahead of time. Usually children will need a disposable bagged lunch and drink.  If you prefer to have the cafeteria provide a boxed lunch, please drop us a note a few days in advance, if possible. We LOVE our Community Connection with Ford Gum!  Second grades also have an end of the year picnic in Akron Falls park in June!