AP Studio in Art Grading & Procedures

  • (Portfolio Choices: Drawing, 2D, 3D)

    (full year course 1.0 credit) (Grade 12)


    Studio in Art, Portfolio Evaluation, and Instructor Permission (STRONG WORK ETHIC, ABILITY TO MEET DEADLINES, CRAFTSMANSHIP, ORIGINALITY)

    • For 2D Portfolio: 2 Credits from any related courses (Drawing & Painting 1 & 2, Advanced Drawing & Painting 1 & 2, Digital Photography 1 & 2, Computer Graphics 1 & 2)
    • For Drawing Portfolio: Drawing & Painting 1 & 2, Advanced Drawing & Painting 1 & 2
    • For 3D Portfolio: Ceramics/Sculpture 1 & 2, recommended Independent Study in Sculpture (11th grade)


    The AP Studio in Art course includes three portfolio options: Drawing, 2D Design, and 3D Design. Each portfolio will contain two main sections: Sustained Investigation and Selected Works (Quality.) Sustained Investigation includes the students best 15 artworks that show a progression of a theme based on an overarching question that is selected and explored independently by the student. Selected works include the student's overall best 5 artworks, which may or may not be from his/her sustained investigation. The 15-20 artworks from this portfolio may include some work from prior classes, although students are encouraged to rework the artwork so that it looks highly professional. The portfolio (and slide photography) must be completed by early May for submission to the College Board for evaluation.

    Due to the high quality and volume of work expected (about 1 artwork every 2 weeks), the AP Art program is for highly motivated students only. AP work involves a significant time commitment on the part of the student. Students will need to also work outside of class and independently. A strong work ethic is needed to meet deadlines and complete assignments with quality.

    Students must present a portfolio of 10-12 artworks in the spring to the AP instructor in order to be accepted to the program. If approved to participate, the student must pick up an informational packet before summer vacation. It will include assignments that must be completed prior to the fall semester.


    Through this class, you will:

    • Gain 1 credit towards ACS graduation requirements and as an art elective.
    • Increase your art talents using the elements and principles of design, the rules of composition, and methods to enhance creativity.
    • Further your artistic vision through use of observation, originality, and research.
    • Use a variety of drawing & painting media, tools, and techniques to express your ideas.
    • Develop a college level portfolio of artwork and college level work ethic using works containing breadth, concentration, and quality.


    You will need:

    • AP Testing Fee ($94)
    • Past artworks
    • Visual References
    • Flash Drive/ Google Drive
    • Portfolio and Sketchbook (provided)

    Grading Procedure

    75% = Major Projects (5+ per M.P.)

    • Must be in on time to receive full-credit. Projects can be re-worked for a higher grade.
    • Projects will be graded on craftsmanship, technique, originality, risk-taking, composition, Emotional content, complex visual and conceptual ideas. Plagiarism = 0%

    25% = Class Participation

    • Attendance, On Time, Prepared, Clean Up
    • Documentation of Artwork and Process – Photos and Written
    • Research, Concentration Statements, Critiques, Media Experiments

    5% = Extra Credit

    Includes participation in the arts outside of class: volunteer work, contests, further research.

    Class Rules / Expectations

    • Respect to others: Examples: be on time, be prepared with materials and work, use appropriate actions and words, respect others creations, help others in need, use constructive feedback, etc.
    • Responsibility: be safe, practice care and cleaning of materials, make up missed work, observe posted deadlines, appropriate use of class time, creative work only, etc.
    • If you do not understand somethingask.
    • AP Art is a privilege, not a right. To remain in this program, one is expected to put in several hours a week outside of class to create high quality, original artworks. Inability to maintain the workload will result in being dropped from the course.


    (Steps may be skipped or combined based on the severity of an infraction.)

    • Warning
    • Assigned Seat and/or In-class Discipline Plan
    • 9th Period Detention with me (possible call home based on severity)
    • Write Up; which could result in 9th Period Detention, 4:30 Detention, etc.
    • Referral to Principal
    • Conference with Teacher, Guidance, Parent, and/or Administrator. Possible removal.