English Language Arts Homepage for Mr. Abrams/Mr. Rosen

  • Mr. Jack Rosen
    Substitute ELA Teacher - Grade 7
    (716)542-5040 x6128



    Hello!   Here are a few things you need to know about your English class this year…


    Remind App: 

    This year the primary tool I will use in communicating with homes is the Remind: School Communication App.  This app is available for both Android and IOS and is free to download and free to use.  For information on how to join and receive course messages check the link at the top of your child's Schoology ELA 7 home page or have your child ask me in person at school and I will send home the needed information.  



    You will interact with the course online through Schoology this year.  You must be familiar with how to use it.  If you need help understanding how to use it, stay ninth period and I can help with that!  You will be able to see your individual assignment grades and overall quarterly average on Schoology.  You are expected to check your grades regularly and stay ninth to address any issues you see.


    Grading Policy:

    Plenty of leeway is given for kids to make up work from absences.  That being said, Students should not be arriving on the last couple days of a quarter to make up multiple assignments unless the assignments are extremely recent.  Be PROACTIVE. Stay on top of your grades!


    Meet deadlines!  If there are special circumstances contributing to your being late with an assignment you should get a parent note.  A special circumstance WOULD be, for example, a death in the family.  A special circumstance would NOT be an aunt's birthday party.



    Students that see a grade that is potentially incorrect in the grade portal should first and foremost see me in person to discuss the grade.  If it's a mistake, we'll get it fixed immediately.  If it's not, I can discuss why with the student at that time.  If after seeing me there are still questions, parents are invited to call or email me to discuss.  This teaches children accountability, and the vast majority of the time these are easily fixed, minor issues.


    Ninth Period:

    Students are expected to make use of ninth period to rectify failing or poor course averages as best as can be accommodated by their teachers.


    Outside Reading:

    Books students wish to read for Outside Reading MUST BE APPROVED BY THEIR PARENT(S) ahead of time.  Books should be of an appropriate reading level for the individual reading it.  Try to avoid reading books that have been made into movies.  If you REALLY want to read one, make sure you let me know in advance and I will initial your reading sheet.  If a student has ANY questions about whether a book is of an appropriate reading level he or she should see me for prior approval. 



    For the most part, homework consists of the outside reading you are required to do for this course, along with a weekly vocabulary lesson.  You will generally have from Friday to Tuesday to finish the vocabulary.  As such you are expected to get it accurately and 100% completed for Tuesday’s homework check.  If it is not done, you can stay after ninth period that same day to finish it and receive partial credit.  Make sure you understand that you must finish it in my room, ninth period, to get partial credit.  Do not try to “come by” my room at the start of ninth with it pre-completed to try to show it to me for credit and make the 2:34 bus and go home.   As always, if you finish your work for me ninth I will let you report to another teacher at that time to catch up on work owed him or her.


    Hopefully, you will agree that these policies are rooted very much in common sense.  Do your work on time, be responsible for your academics and behavior, and things will go quite well for you all year in all of your classes!