• Studio in Art Syllabus

    Room C108 - Ms. Cornell-Slater


    716-542-5030 ext 6308


    OFFERED: Full Year
    GRADES: 9 - 12


    Studio in Art Course Description

                Studio in Art is a full year course. The main goal is to learn how to create artwork using a variety of media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and the digital arts. In order to improve your skills, you will learn a variety of topics including the elements and principles of design, past and current art trends, critique skills, art careers, cultural arts, personal expression, communication skills, creative problem solving and innovative/ critical thinking skills.  Through successful completion of this course, you will gain 1 credit for the NYS art requirement and a strong base of knowledge for more advanced art courses.


    Supplies  Every day you will need: Pencil w/eraser, 2 pocket folder


    Grading Procedure 

    50% = Major Projects  students are given one week after in-class work time ends to complete &

    must be on time to earn full-credit; projects can be re-worked (until end of MP) for higher grade

    50% = Prepared for Class / Class Participation / Effort  Includes productive use of class time,

    following procedures, class exercises, notebook, cleanup & safety procedures, quizzes

      5% = Extra Credit - Offered each marking period.  See me if you have a proposal.


    Final Average= MP1 (20%) + MP2 (20%) + MP3 (20%) + MP4 (20%) + Final Project or Exam (20%)


    Parent Portal – Grades are updated at least once a week.


    Extra Help – Students can get extra help or use the art studio during 9th period or during study halls

    (get a pass BEFORE coming down)


    Class Rules / Expectations

    • Respect –respect your own and others ideas and creations through your words and actions

    • Responsibility - Be on task during work times, be on time, turn in assignments, follow directions and procedures the first time they are given.

    • Safety - Use and maintain tools and materials in the safe ways you are shown.

    *There are rewards for positive class behavior: choosing own seating (1 week), listening to

    music while working (2 weeks), pizza party every time ALL work for EVERY students is turned

    in for 5 weeks


    Consequences (Steps may be skipped or combined based on the severity of an infraction.)

              1) Warning

              2) Assigned Seat and/or In-class Discipline Plan to help fix the problem

              3) 9th Period Detention with me

              4) Write-up; which could result in 4:30 Detention, In-House Detention, etc.

              5) Referral to Principal or Vice-Principal

              6) Conference with Teacher, Parent, and Administrator/Guidance Counselor    


    General Class Procedures

    Entering the Classroom:

              -Check the assignment board, write assignment in your planner. 

              -Take out all necessary materials (artwork, notes, materials.)

              -Check for handouts near the door or on your desk.

              -Quietly have a seat at your assigned area and begin working.

    Cell Phone Policy: No phones. Computers & Chromebooks are available for research purposes.

    There is a class phone in case of emergency.

    Food/ Beverage/Gum: No food for safety reasons, unless otherwise noted. Beverages are acceptable if kept capped, but not near                        computers. Gum is fine as long it is not seen or heard.

    Clean-up and Dismissal:

              -Cleanup time is 5 minutes before the end of class.  Students should not clean up early unless

                      a project is complete.

              -Make sure your materials are cleaned and returned, your artwork is stored properly, and your table and floor area are                              cleaned.

              -Return quietly to your seat until the bell rings and I dismiss you.

    Keeping a Notebook:

              -Keep all handouts, sketches, and assignments. Organize them by date completed.

    When you are Late or Absent:

              -You are responsible for the work that was missed.

              -Check with classmates or teacher to see what was missed. I also post assignments and due

                        dates on my school web page: http://www.akronschools.org/Page/4010

              -Occasionally I will allow extra time on assignments based on individual situations, but not always. Check before assuming.

    Checking out class materials:

              -I will write down the supplies you are taking home.

              -You are responsible for returning the materials at the beginning of class the next day.

              -I will check your name off the borrow list and you will be allowed to borrow materials again.

              -If materials are not returned or are in poor condition, you will not be able to sign out again.

    When you finish early:

              -Check to see if all of your work is made up.

              -Rework assignments for higher grades.

              -Do extra credit work.

              -Study for art quizzes or exams.

              -Do free drawing or artwork.

              -It is unacceptable to do nothing, play on phone, or other class work without prior permission.

    Extra Help/ Extra Studio Time

              -Daily during 9th period (unless a sign is posted by the door stating otherwise)

              -Before school, during study hall, during lunch – must have a pass prior 

    Extra Credit

              -Occasionally I will offer extra credit assignments to help boost your grade. 

              -This is recommended for those falling behind, but can be completed by anyone. 

    Restrooms/ Locker Passes

              -Bathrooms are located across the hall.

              -One student out at a time.

               -Overuse of passes will negatively affect class effort grade.


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  • Week of 9/7 to 9/10