• AP Art & Design 2021 

  •     /20               Effort/ Participation in Class and Google Meets: attending presentations and critiques, helping

    others brainstorm, composition tips, sharing techniques, documenting your process


       /5 - Creating and uploading slides of your work so far into AP Central Website



                            Major Projects

        /15               Sustained Investigation #3 – Markmaking for Emotion - DUE: Thurs 11/18 for Critique

        /15               Sustained Investigation #4 – Composition - DUE: Fri 12/3 for Critique

        /15               Sustained Investigation #5 – The Importance of Contrast in Your Work - DUE: Fri 12/17 for Critique

        /15               Sustained Investigation #6 – DUE: Tues 1/7 for Critique

        /15               Sustained Investigation #7 – DUE: Fri 1/21 for Critique


                            REWORKS DUE TUES 1/26 for Higher Grades


          /100           MP #2 Grade


    AP Sustained Investigation Rubrics

    3 pts- Inquiry (Written evidence identifies an inquiry that guides the sustained investigation. AND Visual evidence demonstrates the sustained investigation.)

    3 pts- Practice, Experimentation, and Revision - Visual evidence of practice, experimentation, AND revision demonstrates development of the sustained investigation. AND Written evidence describes how the sustained investigation shows evidence of practice, experimentation, OR revision.

    3 pts- Materials, Processes, and Ideas - Visual relationships among materials processes, AND ideas are clearly evident and demonstrate synthesis.

    3 pts- 2D/Drawing Art and Design - Visual evidence of advanced 2D/3D/Drawing skills.