NYS District Report Card

  • The New York State District Report Card consists of three parts:
    Educator Data, Assessment Data, Student Data and School Data is available from this link. 
    This report includes:
    1. Profile 2. Student Outcomes 3. Student Performance 4. Accountability
    This section shows comprehensive data relevant to this school's or district's learning environment, including information about enrollment, attendance and suspensions, and staff. This section shows outcomes for graduates and non-completers, including post-graduation plans of completers. This section shows student performance on standardized assessments at the elementary, middle, and commencement levels. This section shows the students for which the district is responsible to report to the State.
    III. Fiscal Accountability Report and Information about Students with Disabilities

    This report includes district expenditures per pupil compared to similar districts and district-wide percentages of students with disabilities receiving services outside of general education classroom settings compared to statewide percentages.

    The New York State School Report Card also includes data for our individual schools. To view a New York State School Report Card for a specific school, click on the corresponding link below: