•  Studio in Art Assignments

  • Project 11 - Every Child Matters T-Shirt (1-2 class)

    Project 12 - Fluorescent Glow Painting - Choice

    Project 13 - Oil Pastel Macro Image - Artists: Georgia O'Keeffe OR "Stained Glass"

  • Unit 7 - Digital Art - Collage and Photography

    Project 1 - Digital Surrealism

    • Create a collage with 10 or more images.
    • Show at least 3 surreal techniques: scale, levitation, juxtaposition, dislocation, transparency, transformation
    • Use layers and masking on Photoshop to make the pieces blend together better.
    • Learn transform tools to make the pieces fit more seamlessly: scale, rotation, skew, warp, etc.
    • Opacity tools: masking or opacity slider


    Project 2 - Personal Collage

    • Pick a personal theme (ex: friendship, love, action, etc.)
    • Create a collage using 10+ of your own photographs (in class or on own)
    • Work with edge opacity, templates, color themes, and/or layer styles to improve composition.