•  Studio in Art Assignments

  • Project 3 - Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin and Individual Clay Project - Notes / Google Folder

    Yayoi KusamaArt Deco TileClay Plate

    1) ALL: create a Yayoi-style pumpkin using pinch pot, attaching, forming, stamping, and glaze techniques. DUE Fri 10/15

    2) Create an Art Deco-inspired plate design using drawing, transfer, slip trailing, and translucent glazes. - DUE Fri 10/22

    3) 10/25-10/27 Practice basic clay building techniques: modeling, slab, relief, slump, and coil methods

    4) Create an individual clay project idea (sketch due 10/22). Decide which clay method(s) work best. Be sure project has no thick areas. Finish will be completed using painting or glazing techniques.




  • Project 2 - Special Object Drawing/ Painting


    Wed/Thurs 9/22 - 9/23 Drawing object using sighted contour or upside down drawing methods learned in class

    Mon & Tues 9/27 & 9/28 - Learn a variety of watercolor techniques together

    Wed 9/29 - Transfer special object drawing to good watercolor paper. Add background details. See student samples.

    Thurs 9/30 - Start to paint background first. Consider color theories we will discuss in class.

    What mood are you creating? Do you want it to have extreme contrast or be soothing?

    Fri 10/1 - Fri 10/8 Painting your main subject. Be sure to layer techniques. Create shading with gradients, interesting textures, color blends, etc.

    Wed 10/6 - Review Questions - Drawing techniques & Watercolor Techniques

    Fri 10/8 - Quiz 1 - Drawing techniques & Watercolor Techniques