•  Creative Art 1/3 Assignments


  • Project 3 - Book Design using a Theme (Accordion Book) - inspired by tattoo styles - See SLIDE SHOW and NOTES- explains project, exercises, and shows samples.

    We will do a series of exercises, drawings, and mini projects in a large variety of styles to learn a plethora of techniques. Pick a theme that you will enjoy throughout the series. It may be a broad theme (ex: animals) or a narrow theme (my dog), or you may pick a theme from the box of destiny...




    11/29 to 12/3 - see notes and Slide Show

    9) Thankful/ Family & Friends - Practice - drawing a tree (family tree) or family crest (class choice); Create this page based on your family and/or friends and the things that bind you together

    10) Nationality - practice - drawing/ shading a waving flag; Create a piece based on one or more of your nationalities. What are the things that are part of your family traditions (food, celebrations, art, etc)

    11) Celtic - practice - drawing and shading a basic knotwork design; Create a page based on Celtic notwork and/or zoomorphic characters.


    12/6 to 12/10

    12) Japanese - practice - wind bars, clouds (often referred to as bubble cloud), wind spirals, water, finger waves, and rocks; Create a Japanese style design using one or several of the background elements to create focal point and background contrast

    13) Polynesian/ Tribal


    12/13 to 12/22 - pick 3

    Quiz 2 on Pages 1-13 notes (you may use your notes)

    14) White Over Black

    15) Glow in the Dark

    16) Graffiti

    17) Watercolor

    18) Biomechanical

    19) Surrealism

    20) Geometric


    Past Due:



    1) Black and gray drawing from observation and using shading techniques. Try for realism. (2 pts)

    Practice shading a value scale, gradient and 6 basic forms using a pencil as a precursor exercise (2 pts). We will also shade a basic rose form. (1 pt)


    10/25 - 10/29

    2) American Traditional. Watercolor wash, graded wash, and multicolor wash. (2 pts); Practice watercolor gradient and shading a design. (1 pt)

    3) Kawaii style. Ink with marker and use watercolor pencils for color. Glitter optional. (2 pts) Practice character parts in class.


    11/1 to 11/5 - see notes and slide show

    4) Dia de los Muertos Style - develop a colorful page based on calaveras - use colored pencils to shade your colors

    Make-up work from MP#1 - turn in all missing work


    11/8 to 11/12 - see notes and slide shows

    5) Native American Style (11/18-11/9) - practice - create 5 symbols based on your theme and arrange them into an abstract design; develop color for your page with medium of choice

    6) Memorial (11/10 - 11/12) - practice - banner drawing with name; create a page based on someone who has sacrificed for you (family or friend, past or present, military or not, banner or none)


    11/15 to 11/23 - see notes and Slide Show

    7) Lettering/ Quotes - practice - lettering styles with brush pens or calligraphy pens or markers; page will contain a highly decorative word or calligraphy quote or phrase, add embellishment

    8) Love - practice - shaded dimesnional heart in color; This page will be about someone or something you love (heart is optional)