•  Creative Art Assignments

  • Printmaking - notes

    Open Note Quiz - Tues 10/4

    Artist Trading Card - Relief Printing using carved EZ-Cut - DUE 9/16

    • create 10+ prints from your carved block

    • experiment with ink and paper color and technique

    • label prints with name and edition, and title (optional)

    • add mixed media to your pieces as desired

    Gelli Prints and Collage - DUE 9/23

    • create a series of 10+ gelli prints to get a variety of colors and textures

    • share paper as desired with classmates

    • create a collaged item from your prints (greeting card, artwork, etc.)

    Gelli Prints using Invented Stencils (Cricut) and Mixed Media Embellishment - DUE 9/27

    • develop an idea for an interesting silhouette to use in your gelli print series

    • draw or color your silhouette

    • we will use a cricut machine to create a cut stencil from your design

    • run a series of 5+ prints using your stencil (see example video)

    • layer your techniques

    • add mixed media to finish 1-2 of your favorite prints