•   Creative Art - Assignments 

    MP#3 Projects 
    Per 3:
    Jessica H, Jason R., Michael R, Maddy R, Gabby S: Yearbook Photography, Collage Portrait, Rotating Book- "Into the Woods," "Horses," "," "Wonder Woman," "Wild Things", clay and glass ornaments & oil pastel silhouette, copper repousse and scratchboard frame, window mural plan, koi painting, paint pour, Unified poster- zentangle pattern animal w/foil, Photoshop poster layout, window mural painting, papier mache invention, mosaic stepping stone
    Jamie H: Calligraphy, Collage Portrait, Portraiture- face and hair, pencil portrait & matting, head-to-toe figure drawing, light painting, paint pouring and team painting, flower oil painting, mosaic stepping stone
    Liz L: Collage Portrait Sculpture, Yearbook Photography, Rotating Book - "Nightmares", silhouette w/melted wax, wax sculpture over armature, koi painting, face casting- 2, 3 and mask, linocut, drawing in style of artist
    Ashley R: Calligraphy, Collage Portrait Box, Rotating Book - "Nature", pencil portrait, window mural acrylic painting plan, light painting, koi painting, paint pouring and team painting, window mural, mosaic stepping stone
    Kylee S: Alien Oil Pastel, Flower line design, clay incense holder- bike ramps/obstacles, koi painting, paint pouring, mandala foil design, tattoo design drawings, Papier mache project
    Aaron: Collage Portrait Box, Acrylic Experiment, Melted wax experiment, garbage can painting, MLK chalk pastel drawing, light painting, paint pouring, zentangle pattern animal w/foil, digital planetary drawings, papier mache project
    Per 6L: 
    Theresa: acrylic landscape painting
    Per 8:
    Kyle C: Flower Surreal, Cubist Portrait, Clay and Glass sculpture, impasto portrait, plaster surreal sculpture, paint pouring, abstract figure clay sculptures, wax figure sculptures
    Sabrina P: Hair Drawing, Portraiture, Mixed Media with a message (inspiration Jaune Quick-to-See Smith), HRC painting, Sculpey mini foods, comic-book-style figure drawing
    Danielle R: Reverse glass painting, Figure drawing with natural found objects, Watercolor experiments, script writing and composition, portrait charcoal drawing
    Lauren: portrait shading techniques, calligraphy, lettering and foil design, paint pouring, ceramic flower w/underglaze, pencil portrait drawing
    Caeley: cat drawing, text, mandala with foil technique, lettering, paint pouring, Warhol Marilyn, shading hair, oil painting flowers
    John M: Colored Pencil Flower Surreal, reverse glass painting, Abstract Expressionism, pencil experiments, repousse design
    Devin M: Flower Surreal Drawing, Artwork using natural/ found objects, Skull and Flames Stained glass
    Proj 1 - Reverse "Glass" Painting - Antique Photo Characters - Narrative Painting
    For each project, it is expected that you learn something new about an artist, style or culture, something new about media/techniques, compositional tricks, and basically try to push your skills to the next level with a bit of risk. You may choose the projects we come up with together as a team, or propose an individual project. For individual projects, it is expected that you are part of the artist and technique research process.
    • Design a sculpture made, at least partly, of natural item. Some resources may include Andy Goldsworthy, fairy houses, ceramics that use pressed in plant materials, etc.
    • Develop a “portrait” of someone that is important to you. It may be a family member, celebrity, historical figure, and so on. You may include an image of the person, or it could be symbolic of their interests, heritage, personality, hobbies, etc. You may want to explore collage or assemblage. Interesting artists to see include Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Joseph Cornell, Jaune Quick-to-see Smith. We will learn several techniques, including gelli printing, gel photo transfer, collage, and calligraphy.
    • Create an artwork that uses calligraphy or calligraphic line. Islamic art and Chinese and Japanese sumi painting are great resources.
    • Develop a realism or observation-based Prismacolor colored pencil drawing of a subject of choice.
    • Develop a surreal scene involving a flower or plant of some sort. Some interesting artists include Dorothea Tanning, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Remedios Varo, Yves Tanguy
    • Rotating Book - Develop a theme, Share your theme with group, each person will make a page to fit the other themes (as well as their own) using media of choice, students will them create their own modified accordion book and sculptural cover fitting their theme (Sculpey, texture, painting and drybrushing, found objects like gems and glass eyes)
    MP#2 Projects
    • Silhouette - some choices include traditional portraiture, silhouette figure with oil pastel, watercolor, or oil paint background, string art, melted crayon art, etc. Silhouette brief history, Oil pastel rule of 3's, sample 1, sample 2, sample 3
    • Glass Art: Ceramic with melted glass - this may include creating a holiday ornment, tray, dish, relief letter, ring dish, underwater creature, etc. Other choices might include a stained glass suncatcher, etched glass panel or mirror, or a fused glass pendant.
    • Craft Ideas
    • Window mural plan and forced perspective drawing. Example 1, Log 2, waves
    • Copper Repousse and Mixed Media "Frame" (scratchboard or roofing felt with colored pencils) - Greek, Roman, and Celtic art- example: sun repousse, armour
    • Jewelry carving soapstone