• MP#4 Project Checklist - Google Folder

    50 Pts = Effort Grade (1 point/day of class)

    10 pts = Experimental Class Work - we will  do digital experiments once a week based on your interests and needs as a group to further knowledge and interest in college class credit.

    10 pts = Artwork that contains a drawn human portrait or figure

    5 pts = Art Show Display - print and mount 3+ best artworks, create artist statement - Art Show May 17th

    25 pts - Independent Choice projects:

    • Create a surreal image based on one of the creativity stretches of random ideas.
    • Architexture - create a famous building out of layered text
    • Create an animated movie title using Adobe After Effects - Example
    • Create a mandala using symmetry tools, or other geometric art, such as fractals
    • Create a low poly character or portrait - 2D or 3D
    • Photography - create a double exposure image
    • Develop a Mood Board with Canva and Interior Design with Sketchup (Maybe FrameVR.io) - or Isometric Drawing
    • Create a Comic Book Style character using someone you know as a basis for the character
    • Create a video segment for the senior video
    • Create a patterned still life drawing. Start with a contour drawing.
    • Develop a background or landscape that would fit a potential video game.
    • Create your own super hero...or super villain.
    • Create a sticker series based on a theme of choice.
    • Make a T-Shirt Design - include front and back graphics or logos - CONTEST/TEAM PROJECT
    • Create a looped gif animation of your own character. An example would be a walking cycle.
    • Make a collage of a photo series. This might be a day in the life, thematic image, or pictures that belong in a specific sequence to tell a story.
    • Make an artwork about an urban legend...
    • Allentown Art Festival Poster Design - DUE April 16
    • Taste of Buffalo Poster Contest - DUE April 15