•  Digital Art 2 - Assignments


    ECC Tutorials

    • Channels and Modes explained, Using channels to make selections tutorial, removing a weak sky;  Projects: 1) make a mask using channels of a difficult object, and change the color of the new selection Pick one: 2) Make a selection of a landscape with a weak sky, put in a new sky OR 2) Take a photo of a person with difficult hair to mask, use channels to mask him/her and put into a new scene OR 2) Cut out subject and put into Bokeh background w/ photo class
    • Using Adobe Bridge with Adobe Photoshop
    • Blending Modes explained, Video
    • Photoshop and the Web - see Web design below
    • Printing profiles- ICC Profiles and how to use them


    Web Design


    Photoshop Painting Series:

    • Choice - Intermediate 
    • Advanced:
      • Painting a realistic eye.
      • Advanced painting of choice using a variety of blending and form techniques.
      • Portraiture.

    3D Design (MP#3)




    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Nature Photography
    • Portraiture using lighting scenarios


    Video Game Design

    • stagecast- visual design
    • coding
    • Coding.org
    • Scratch


    Video Production

    • Easy- photo slideshow with sound, transitions, titles, and credits
    • Beginner film - commercial or PSA to learn shot types
    • Film Trailer
    • Video short


    Digital Art 4 - Assignments 
    Maddy: window design, double exposure photography, Daemen show entry, HDR, photomosaic, watercolor and photography
    April: winter photog, light painting, HDR, painting over photography, sports photography
    Aaron: painting over photo, independent Photoshop painting, Painting over drawing, video game creation, 3D design with Tinkercad
    Riley: Video game characters and backgrounds, digital drawing
    Graphic Design Basics
    Syllabus, Equip Agreement, and Questionnaire
    Proj 1 - Minimalist Portrait
    • Adobe Illustrator: New File, Saving, Basic Drawing Tools: Shapes, Pencil, Smoothing, Move, Stroke, Fill
    Proj 2 - Safety Sign
    • Adobe Illustrator: Practice Basic Tools- zoom, line, stroke size, undo
    Proj 3 - Homecoming Logo
    • Adobe Illustrator: use tools so far plus eye dropper, gradient, swatches, 
    Proj 4 - Mandala
    • Adobe Illustrator: create brushes, gradients, patterns, swatches

    Proj 5 - Live Trace Sketch

    Proj 6 - Cartoon Character Digital, prop, and background with textures, pattern, or shading applied

    Proj 7 - Homecoming Video title: Animate Cartoon Character 


    Proj 8 - Help with Homecoming Video - if time - add feedback by Thurs 10/11


    Proj 9 - Stained Glass Graphic Design


    Painting in Adobe Photoshop: Yearbook Cover plan following chosen theme, learn how to shade and use a variety of brushes

    Graphic Design: Stained Glass Design (see student share folder) & Yearbook Cover Plan following theme in Illustrator (use template)


    Video: Movie Trailer: horror screenplay tips, script (a/v), storyboard, shot types, shot types in action, cuts and transitions, filming, and editing in Adobe Premiere (Lizzie, Audrey)

    more tips

    Animation: Develop an animated short using Adobe Animate & Illustrator: learn how to shade and texture your characters, use symbols, frame-by-frame animations, embedded animations, and sound to create your animation


    Photoshop Painting Series:

    • learn how to paint using brushes, edge, opacity, and blending;
    • develop basic forms (cube, pyramid, cone, sphere, cylinder)
    • learn one and two point perspective: practice each with boxes and cylinders, as well as other unique shapes
    • Choice or Do Both
      • Develop a spherical/ form painting of an object or multiple objects using perspective based on your interests. (Painting an apple tutorial.)
      • Create a realistic or fantasy building or city scape using 1 or 2 pt perspective