• Digital Art 2 MP#3 Project Checklist

    *Possible to Earn College Credit through ECC Photoshop Course - See Ms. Cornell if Interested; Cost $296 for 3 college credits


    50 Pts = Effort Grade (1 point/day of class)

    5 pts = Experimental Class Work - we will do digital experiments roughly once a week based on your interests and needs as a group to further knowledge and cover content for college class credit.

    5 pts = Artist research for artist emulation

    10+ pts = Digital Art in the Style of ______. Emulate or parody the content and style with a new, personalized twist.

    30 pts - Independent Choice project(s

    • Independent Project Choice(s)
      • Create a cover for the Musical: The Wizard of Oz. Do not merely create a copy of an artwork that is out there; must be an original artwork. Due before Feb 10th. ($50 Amazon gift card prize)
      • Create a series of images for the Interact book series to illustrate the Spanish words for the service learning project.
      • Doodle for Google Contest - Theme is "What I’m Grateful For..." Due by March 7 LINK
      • Product for one project of choice; ex: movie poster, book, collage, magazine, display (print and mount), t-shirt, video, photo transfer, etc. Put your art out there in some way...
      • Create a mural idea for our school. Photograph a current school location, and develop a design that fits the space. Think about content, context, lighting, and beauty.
      • Develop a film segment for the Senior Video. Consider a topic that would involve multiple people of the graduating class in a final product. Consider photography, video segments, music choice, transition, and mood.
      • Create a gif animation to show a looped movement of a character of choice.
      • Develop an epic movie trailer for a film that exists, or one that should exist. This should include film snippets that show an understanding of composition, and good editing for transition and sound.
      • Invent a travel brochure for a place you have been, or a place you'd like to visit. Keep in mind color scheme, design, and selective information.
      • Develop a portrait of someone that is special to you. This may be a realistic photo, vector graphic, Pop Art piece, or a fully developed digital painting of the individual.
      • Create a modern version of a character from a fairy tale or myth. The character should be a modernized version of the past character and reflect our current society and modified to reflect our current environment, clothing, and issues.
      • Create a character or set of characters made entirely out of letter forms that are modified, stretched, and transformed. Place your characters into a new environment.
      • Create a comic strip or Splash page for a comic – invent your own characters and setting
      • Create a design that uses the moiré pattern effect
      • Create an artwork that illustrates your interpretation of a favorite song or poem. If interested in Olympics of the Visual Arts, the poem is “Caged Bird” from Shaker, Why Don't You Sing?
      • Your Architecture challenge is to create a design model of an outdoor public park space with some connection to history and/or a social cause. The historical park needs to include a series of walking tour stations to inform the visitor about aspects of the inspiration for the design. You will be required to identify the geographic site for your park as well as portray the connection between the landscape and the park’s design.
      • Create a single panoramic, landscape photo that depicts an element of time change. The time change may take the form of: a developing weather pattern, a progression of morning to evening, a change of seasons, or a combination of all three!