• Digital Art 1/3

  • Project 6 - Slideshow Video - Adobe Premiere Basics - Notes

    We will learn how to assemble a simple video of 20+ of your favorite photos or artworks. The project will have an animated title, slide transitions, show proper proportions, and include audio (song, sound effects, or recorded audio.) Credits will include any borrowed material (ex: photos from the internet, song- title/ artist/ (c) date/ record label.) Export film as an mp4. DUE Fri 10/22

    Alternate Project 1: you may help create the homecoming videos, using photos from our dress up days. (DUE Thurs 10/21) - we will need phtographers for daily events and slide show editors; class will help pick songs together


    Project 7 - Commercial using shot sizes and camera movements - Notes

    You can work on a team or individually. The goal is to achieve the following:

    • market a product for a commercial - it may be a real product (like one for the school store), an invented product, or an item you find around the house or school.

    • include a logo you develop using Adobe Illustrator for your product's company

    • develop a storyboard incorporating 20 different shot sizes and camera movements in 3 second intervals, for a total of 20 shots: shots sizes

    • shoot your film shots with a film crew

    • use Adobe Premiere (basics video) to assemble your shots into a seamless commercial

    • export your product as an mp4

    • Extra creative challenge - try to use a film genre to create this film (ex: action/adventure, horror, rom/com, etc.)

    • DUE 11/4; Watch in class 11/5

  • Proj 4 - Homecoming Character/Logo (for Animated title for Homecoming) - Google Folder

    • pick topic from  LIST so no repeats (football, soccer, PJ day, etc...)
    • draw a character based on a person or animal using your chosen theme on paper or in Adobe Illustrator (or an alternate vector graphic program, such as Gravit Designer or Vectr)
    • draw objects that would be needed in your animation
      • Layer 1 - simple background
      • Layer 2 - character
      • Layer 3 - objects - such as sporting gear, or secondary objects/characters related to your theme
      • Layer 4 - a readable title (ex: Girls Soccer, Powder Puff, Credits, etc.)
    • Adobe Illustrator: Live Trace How to 1Hand Trace Vs Live TraceLive Paint
    • Live TraceLive Trace 2
    • use tools so far plus eye dropper, gradient, swatches, Live Trace
    • Advanced students can help edit videos for the homecoming video and earn extra credit :)
    • Animation Samples

    Proj 5 - Homecoming Animation (10/4 to 10/8)

    • Bring assets onto their own layers

    • Rename Layers; Use locking

    • Creating symbols

    • Learn about frames and keyframes and how to create them

    • Simple motion animation, motion path, scale changes, and alpha (opacity) changes; Tweening

    • Export file as mp4

      Hoco Tiger 1Hoco Shark 2Hoco Monkey 3
  • Adobe Illustrator - Graphic Design Unit

    Syllabus and Camera Agreement - Due Fri 9/10

    Questionnaire - Due Wed 9/8


    Project 1 - Minimalist Portrait

    • Adobe Illustrator and Vector Graphics Basics/ Minimalist Project

    • Tools: Shapes, Selection Tool, stroke/fill, choosing colors, arrange tool (layers)

    • Notes - DUE Fri 9/10

    • Min Skorupski


    Proj 2 - Safety Sign

    • Adobe Illustrator: Practice Basic Tools- zoom, lines, line caps, stroke size, undo, pencil
    • DUE: 9/15
    • Blasko Caution


    Proj 3 - Keith Haring inspired graffiti based on an issue

    • Adobe Illustrator - pen tool, smoothing tool, eraser tool, combining shapes, layers
    • DUE 9/21
    • Root Haring