• Core Knowledge
    We are excited to begin using a new ELA curriculum this year designed by Core Knowledge. This curriculum was designed to build from grade-level to grade-level and pays careful attention to emphasize skills and knowledge students need to be successful. The Core Knowledge foundation believes that academic excellence comes from teaching a coherent, cumulative and content-specific core curriculum. Check out their parent website for more information http://http://www.coreknowledge.org/parents.
    my math
    Building on the foundation of the K-2 instructional model, all learners are engaged with fun, 
     interactive instruction presented in print and digital formats. Content addresses the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics while emphasizing Mathematical Practices throughout. Hands-on activities in every grade level connect learning to real-world problem-solving. Log on to the My Math student portal for more resources: 
    EngageNY Logo
    In addition to the My Math series, we will be incorporating modules designed by the New York State Department of Education to help schools with the implementation of the Common Core. These units of study are designed to challenge students and provide them with ample opportunities for practice and reinforcement. Visit https://www.engageny.org/parent-family-library for more information about this curriculum.