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    Mr. Cronin is Making Social Studies Great Again!
    "All history must be preserved, not selectively destroyed for political purposes." 
    Global 10, Global 10 Honors, Psychology
    Social Studies Department Chairman
    Contact: Jcronin@akronk12.org 

    GLOBAL 10 Review runs every MONDAY from 3:25 - 4:20 in my room

    U.S. HISTORY Review runs every WEDNESDAY from 3:25-4:20 in my room 


    Quote for the month of May:

    "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, the gospel of envy, and its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." ~ Winston Churchill 



    You will need your review book AND/OR your vocab packet to complete these assignments.

     Review #1 Questions Due 5/6

    Review #2 Questions Due 5/7

    Review #3 Questions Due 5/8

    Review #4 Questions Due 5/9

    Review #5 Questions Due 5/10

    Review #6 Questions Due 5/13

    Review #7 Questions Due 5/14

    Review #8 Questions Due 5/15

     Review #9 Questions Due 5/16

    Review #10 Questions Due 5/17

    Review #11 Questions Due 5/21

    Review #12 Questions Due 5/22

    Review #13 Questions Due 5/23

    Review #14 Questions Due 5/24

    Due 5/28 - Come up with 5-10 Enduring Issues using your vocab packet or general knowledge. Explain why each is an enduring issue, and provde at least three places in the world that dealt with your enduring issue for each issue you selected.