Photography 2 - Assignments

  • MP#3 Project Checklist

    50 Pts = Effort Grade (1 point/day of class)

    10 pts = Life in Color - 10 photos based on color theories (monochromatic, complementary, or a combination). Topics are choice-based.

    5 pts = Artist research for artist emulation/parody

    10 pts = Photos in the Style of ______. Emulate or parody the content and style with a new, personalized twist.

    10 pts = Experimental Class Work - we will periodically do photo experiments based on your interests and needs as a group to further camera and equipment knowledge.

    10 pts - Independent Choice project

    5 pts = product for one project of choice; ex: book, collage, magazine, display (print and mount), t-shirt, video, photo transfer, etc.

    *Possible to Earn College Credit Through ECC Photoshop Course - See Ms Cornell if Interested


  • Artist Research and Emulation  - Description/ Notes

    • Project: Complete research (see notes) to provide basic biography, style, artworks, technique, and plan for emulation.
    • Artist: See Links, Sign up for YOUR artist HERE
    • Vocab: Analysis, Interpretation, style, subject matter, composition, theme, emulation
    • Camera Skills: varies by style chosen
    • Photoshop Tools:  varies by style chosen
    • Links: Famous Photographers 127 Famous PhotographersMore Photographers
  • Life in Color - Monochromatic and Complementary Colors  - Description/ Notes

    • Project: Construct a total of 10 monochromatic and/or complementary colored photos of subject(s) of choice. Use selective placement, filters, color correction, or saturation methods to enhance your color.
    • Artist: Sandy Skoglund, Steve McCurry, National Geographic Life in Color, Monochromatic Household Objects, Inspirational Color Photographers
    • Vocab: Color Properties: Hue, Value/Lightness, Saturation; Color Schemes: Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous; Unity/ Harmony, Contrast; Color Psychology
    • Camera Skills: White Balance, Selective Focus
    • Photoshop Tools: Sponge, Adjustment Layers: Photo Filters, Color Balance, Blending Modes
    • Career: Industrial/ Commercial Photographer
    • Links: Color Theory in Photography, Color Theory 2
  • Independent Choice Projects

    Edit 10+ photos based on a theme of choice from the following list, or propose a unique concept of your own.

    Examples of ideas:

    • Art Elements and Principles (line, shape, color, texture, contrast, rhythm, etc.)
    • Special Family Moments
    • A Day in the Life
    • ABC's
    • Musical song or album interpreted
    • Favorite family recipes
    • Fashion
    • The Love(s) of My Life
    • My favorite place(s)
    • Architecture
    • SSDD = Same Scene, Different Day
    • Decay
    • Heritage
    • Vintage
    • Motion
    • Photoshop-Mania

    Links: 14 Ideas, More ideas