Photography - Assignments

  • Proj 2 - Autumn/Nature Photography - Description

    • Vocab: aperture, depth of field (wide DOF & shallow DOF), focal point, Av, f stop, exposure, panoramic, vertoramic

    • Camera Skills: adjusting aperture and focus, manual focus

    • Photoshop Tools: panorama, vertorama, panoramic planet, selective blur, adjustment layers: b&w, color filter, special effects filters

    • DUE: Fri 9/30: 1) One landscape wide dof 2) One panoramic landscape wide dof 3) One vertoramic landscape wide dof 4) Best nature macro shallow dof 5) Best nature macro wide dof 6) Photoshop Blur effect on one image 7) One Panormaic Planet 8) One High Contrast B&W 9) One color Filter photo 10) One special effect filter image

    • Review Notes: DUE 9/30