• Drawing 1 - Assignments



    Proj 7 - Independent Choice

    Katelyn - Horse Portrait using pencil/charcoal - great resource

    Olivia -  Window mural idea with pirate ship, faux painting (rusted metal), painting on unusual surface

    Kaly - Figure drawing/ Superheroes, paint pouring experiments

    Michael - landscape with aurora borealis in chalk pastel, animal drawing, paint pouring, Ammit drawing


    Sem 1

    Proj 1 - Positive/ Negative Space Drawing - 

    example  plant pos-neg Plant Pos-Neg2 Still Life Pos-Neg


    Proj 2 - Sighted Contour Drawing - Tools- Contour and Cross Contour line

    Jim Dine Tools Weighted Line Tool Drawing

    Career: illustrator

    Jim Dine and Pop Art

    -3 sighted contour drawing from observation- sketchbook

    -1 cross contour drawing- sketchbook

    -1 symbolic tool drawing using toned surfaces or background- thumbnail plan, then on good paper- pencil or charcoal


    Proj 3 - Weighted line and Objects from Nature

    What is line weight?  How do artists choose line weight?

    Practice weighted line with mechanical pencil or variety of sharpies or micron pens on a cropped image.

    Create a composition using detailed linework 


    weighted line 2 weighted line1


    Proj 4 - Perspective of forms (cubes, cylinders, sphere, etc)

    forms2 forms line still life

    One point Perspective: box, cylinder, sphere, cone, others

    Two Point Perspective: box, cylinder, sphere, cone

    Element: space; Prin: unity, Proportion, Scale

    Vocab:  Diminution, Overlap, Base Lines

    Artists: Brunelleschi, Alberti

    Job Connections: Curator, Museum Director

    Practice: One point perspective of boxes, cylinder, sphere, cone, pyramid; Two point perspective of boxes, cylinder, sphere, cone, pyramid

    Your Project: Draw a line drawing of a still life of basic forms using pencil. Measure, use perspective. Visible construction lines are ok

    Draw a line drawing of a still life using perspective. This should be a bit more challenging than the basic forms. 7 objects minimum.


    Proj 5 - Shading forms in perspective

    Basic Forms  Forms in Composition- Still Life


    Element: Space, line, form, value; Prin: contrast

    Vocab: highlight, crest shadow, reflected light, cast shadow, value scale, composition, compositional sketch, chiaroscuro, irradiation, linear vs. painterly, subtractive drawing

    Artists: Picasso- Three Still Lifes, Morandi, Famous Still Lifes

    Job Connections: Art Therapist, Theatrical Designer

    Practice: shade each form with pencil or charcoal

    Your Project: Light a still life with basic forms witha strong key light. Shade each form with charcoal or pencil, or a combination. Be sure to find highlights, crest shadows, cast shadows, and reflected light. Use a value scale if needed to measure relative value.


    Proj 6 - Perspective of room or architecture 

    Element: Space, line; Prin: balance

    Vocab: viewfinder, Eye Level, Linear Perspective (1, 2), Vanishing Point, Planes (spatial/ form),

    Artists: Piranesi- The Round Tower, Van der Rohe- Concrete 

    Job Connections: Architect, Interior Designer