• Proj 3 - Shading forms in perspective (prepping for portraiture)

    Basic Forms  Forms in Composition- Still Life

    Element: Space, line, form, value; Prin: contrast

    Vocab: highlight, crest shadow, reflected light, cast shadow, value scale, composition, compositional sketch, chiaroscuro, irradiation, linear vs. painterly, subtractive drawing

    Artists: Picasso- Three Still Lifes, Morandi, Famous Still Lifes

    Job Connections: Art Therapist, Theatrical Designer

    Practice: shade each form with pencil or charcoal

    Your Project: Light a still life with basic forms with a strong key light. Shade each form with charcoal or pencil, or a combination. Be sure to find highlights, crest shadows, cast shadows, and reflected light. Use a value scale if needed to measure relative value.


  • Proj 2 - Weighted line and Objects from Nature

    What is line weight?  How do artists choose line weight?

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    1) Practice adding line weight to an existing contour drawing or cartoon you find (your own or internet). See this example.

    2) Practice weighted line with mechanical pencil or variety of sharpies or micron pens on a cropped image of an object from nature. See below.

    3) Create your own character or figure. (It can be realistic or fantasy/ invented.) Use line weight in your own drawing.

    weighted line 2 weighted line1