• 4teachers.org

    This site offers teachers several different tools to use in the classroom.  It has a rubric maker (Rubistar), an online lesson creator (Trackstar), and much more.  This is a site offering great tools for the classroom teacher.


    This Web site has several different components for teachers to use.  There is a lab section, experiments that can be done with household items, links to science related spots and follow up lesson plans.


    This is a great resource for teachers working on time skills with students.  There are time zone maps with working clocks, lesson plans, worksheet generator, an interactive clock and activities for students.

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute Site

    The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a site for teachers and kids.  There are some interactive components, but also classroom activities for the teacher to complete with the class offline.


    This site offers a variety of information for teachers including Web tools, references, hot lists, lesson plans, tutorials, activities and projects for different subject areas.  The information relates to the Internet and videoconferencing.


    This free site also has a pay side with more features.  There are printable worksheets, activities, thematic units, and information on portfolios.


    Offers state resources, monthly themes, printable graphic organizers as well as activities.  There are resources for the different core subject areas and a kids place with some games, activities and information tied to schoolbooks.  Site by Houghton Mifflin.

    Elmers Glue Site

    Elmers offers teacher ideas and projects.  The projects are broken down by grade levels and amount of time needed.  There is also a side for parents and children.

    The Regional Technology in Education Resource Center

    The Regional Technology in Education Resource Center breaks the country into 11 zones.  You can choose the zone you live in and find information on evaluation, professional development, integration, teaching and learning, and several topics all related to technology.


    This teacher tool offers curriculum ideas, research tools, projects to ge involved in, tutorials, links and more.  It is a nice one stop location for information for educators on the internet.  There are also some interesting features with mini movies, pictures and facts.

    Discovery Schools Teacher Tools

    Discovery Schools offers an online quiz maker, puzzle maker, clip art, lesson planner, and worksheet generator.


    This site is full of information and activities for teachers, including online activities, lesson plans, teaching strategies and tools.  The site can be broken down by grade level in each area.


    This site has a pay and free side  The site has free tools for teachers to create worksheets and handouts of many different varieties.There are also friendly games, themes and lesson plans.

    Education World

    Education World offers teachers free information on lesson plans, professional development, technology, school issues and administration.  There is a ton of information with links to many different Web sites.

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse

    This Web site has information for teachers from grades K-12.  There are many different PDF's that can be downloaded.  There are some online activities, but mostly in the teen section.

    Crayola Site

    The Crayola Company has a site that offers teachers lesson plans, coloring activities, arts and crafts and a registration process to log in to the site and receive a free newsletter.

    Microsoft Education Site

    The Microsoft Web site has an educator's section with a searchable database of lesson plans dealing with Microsoft products.  There is also a searchable database of tutorials and how-to articles.


    This is a fee-based site that has a free component.  The site allows a user to create online surveys that can have multiple formats for questions.  The free side only allows a limited number of responses.


    This Web site is a compilation of Web sites that have been found for educators.  This site has links to all the different subject areas, conference information and free magazine subscriptions.


    This Web site is an annotated guide full of Web sites for educators.  This can be searched by subject or grade level.  There is also a virtual coffee shop with a place for educators to chat and post information.