• Brainpop

    This is a movie site that has animations for many different areas.  It is not free, but Akron has a subscription.  Recommended for students 8 and up.

    The Annenberg Site

    The Annenberg site has free video on demand movies from public broadcasts, but you must register for them first.  There is also an interactive section for students on several different topics as well as several teacher labs.  This site also offers professional development series for different subject/grade levels.


    This site has many different features for the classroom including video clips on technology issues and training.  You can register for free as a user.  Once registered you can download videos, host a Web site and more.  Mostly geared for grades 6-12.


    This site offers videos from teachers about different projects that they have completed using technology in the classroom.  The site is searchable by grade level (lower elememtary through high school), content area or hardware/software.  Along with the videos are the lesson plans the teachers used.

    Story Line On-Line

    This site has members of the Screen Actors Guild reading children's stories.  You can watch the videos in several different formats (media player, real player, and quicktime).  Several famous books with famous actors reading the books.  12 stories completed so far.

    Math TV

    Math TV is a collection of animations that help walk students through solving different word problems.  The site is geared towards middle school level students.  Each month they add new videos to explain new concepts.  The currently offer 21 different movies.

    Videos for People with Disabilities

    The University of Washington put together a series of videos for people with disabilities.  These videos range from employment, to college life, to computer use.  Nice site for showing high school students with disabilities that are options available.

    Nortel's Learn IT site

    Nortel's Learn IT site has many things for educators including videos on different topics, lesson plan ideas 6-12, and support materials.  The videos require Real Player to view.


    C-SPAN offers several different channels of live broadcasts as well as live radio.  They also have archived clips from previous broadcasts.  There is a classroom section on government and civics called C-SPAN Classroom.


    This streaming video service offers videos for science classes.  Many are very high level, extending to college level.  They also have a selection of laboratory safety videos towards the bottom of the page.


    This site has many of the old radio broadcasts that can be played or downloaded.  They are in the public domain for copyright purposes.  Many are adaptations of books as well as classic stories.

    Mercury Theater Broadcasts

    This site offers many radio broadcasts from the Mercury Theater.  These broadcasts include books and plays that were performed for radio audiences in the late 1930s.  Many are large files and take a few minutes to open.

    Brainpop Jr.

    This is a site for K-3 grade students based on the original Brainpop.  They offer a very limited number of videos, games and activities but there are more they say are coming.  Currently it is free.