English Language Arts Homepage for Mr. Abrams


    Hello!   Here are a few things you need to know about your English class this year…



    You will interact with the course online through Schoology this year.  You must be familiar with how to use it.  If you need help understanding how to use it, stay ninth period and I can help with that!


    Grade Portal:  

    You will be able to see your individual assignment grades on Schoology, but to see your actual OVERALL COURSE GRADE you will need to check the PARENT/ STUDENT GRADE PORTAL.  Parents, I highly recommend students have the log-in information to the “parent” grade portal, as this tool is best used by the KIDS themselves in so that they can learn to monitor their grades and be proactive about issues they find with them.


    Grading Policy:

    Plenty of leeway is given for kids to make up work from absences.  That being said, Students should not be arriving on the last couple days of a quarter to make up multiple assignments unless the assignments are extremely recent.  Be PROACTIVE. Stay on top of your grades!


    Meet deadlines!  If there are special circumstances contributing to your being late with an assignment you should get a parent note.  A special circumstance WOULD be, for example, a death in the family.  A special circumstance would NOT be an aunt's birthday party.


    Students that see a grade that is potentially incorrect in the grade portal should first and foremost see me in person to discuss the grade.  If it's a mistake, we'll get it fixed immediately.  If it's not, I can discuss why with the student at that time.  If there are still questions, parents are then invited to call or email me to discuss.  This teaches children accountability, and the vast majority of the time these are easily fixed, minor issues.


    Ninth Period:

    Students are expected to make use of ninth period to rectify failing or poor course averages as best as can be accommodated by their teachers.


    Outside Reading:

    Books students wish to read for Outside Reading MUST BE APPROVED BY THEIR PARENT(S) ahead of time.  Books should be of an appropriate reading level for the individual reading it.  Students should have no more than ONE book on their reading list for the year that has been made in to a movie.  If a student has ANY questions about whether a book is of an appropriate reading level should see me for approval. 


    Hopefully, you will agree that these policies are rooted very much in common sense.  Do your work on time, be responsible for your academics and behavior, and things will go quite well for you all year in all of your classes!