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     Welcome to Grade 6 Reading and Writing
       with Mrs. Carlson
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    About the Teacher
         Welcome to my teacher class web page.  I have been teaching for thirty-four years!  Can you believe it?! I taught third grade my first year at Akron and have been teaching sixth grade for the past thirty-three years!  Wow!  But you know what?  Sixth graders are my favorite! I love to read, work on the computer, and work out everyday either riding my bicycle, practicing ballet stretches, and walking. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books, Where the Red Fern Grows, Roll of Thunder-Hear My Cry,The Yearling, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, all of Gary Paulsen's and Jerry Spinelli's books, and I love to read nonfiction,  autobiographies,  and biographies.  My favorite fiction adult author to read in the summer is David Baldacci. 
    I am the advisor for Middle School government and we sponsor many activites. After school clubs that I teach are Chess Club, Computer Club, and Origami Club. I was awarded the New York State English Council Educators of Excellence 2001 Award and English Language Arts Program Award for 2001. Most recently I was awarded Time Warner Cable's 2008 National Teacher award and $5,000.00 for creative use of technology in the classroom.
         Being at school with students is always my number one favorite thing to do!

    Mission for the Class
         I believe all students are intelligent and can achieve great success. I will never give up on any student and if you as a student will try your best, I will help you to make your best even better. I discourage being average and I believe all of my students can learn. I do not believe in "maybe" and I do not believe that the kind of home a student comes from has anything to do with what the child can become. I want my students to think for themselves and it is education that will give them the opportunity to lead themselves. My work as your teacher is ageless, timeless, and my influence will never end... because you, my students, will carry on what I have begun...lighting the world with excellence, self-determination, and pride.
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