Weekly Plan
    Week of March 8 - 12, 2021

    Monday: sign in for google meet when you are home!

    Period 1: 8:05 - 8:51 code math61

    Period 2: 8:55 - 9:35 code math62

    Period 3: 9:40 - 10:19 code math63

    Period 4: 10:25 -11:03 code math64

    Lunch: 11:06 - 11:36

    Period 5:11:40 - 12:19 code math65

    Period 8 (math lab): 1:48 - 2:30 (meet code: math6)

    "B" Day

    Lesson 7A: Intro to integers

    Homework: Daily Practice: pgs. 4-6 and IXL: M2

    Tuesday: sign in for google meet when home

    "C" Day

    Lesson 7B: Opposite integers

    Homework: Daily Practice: pgs.9 & 10 and IXL: M1


    "D" Day 

    IXL: M3 and M4 (I am taking a grade for these assignments)

    Thursday: sign in for google meet when home!

    "E" Day 

    Lesson 7C: Absolute value

    Homework: Daily Practice pgs. 13-15 and IXL: M5 and M6 (10 questions each)

    Friday: sign in for google meet when home!


    "F" Day

    Lesson 7D: Compare and Order integers

    Homework: Daily Practice pages 18 & 19 and IXL: M7 and M8 (10 questions each)

    A general reminder for 100% virtual students: If you do not show your work, you do no receive any credit.  ALL WORK MUST BE SUBMITTED BY USING THE KAMI app - whether you upload a picture or do the work with the stylus pen I sent you.  NO WORK = NO CREDIT!!!! You are working remotely from home - you have to show me what you know!

    Homework should not take more than 15 minutes.  IXL is a review of concepts taught and should not take more than 5 minutes.  STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE A CALCULATOR YET!

    The homework page is updated daily, to the best of my ability. 
    There may be times when I am unable to update the page.
    Students are required to record assignments into their agendas on a daily basis.