Welcome to the Art Department
Congratulations to the students representing Akron at the Storr's All High Photo Show at the Kenan Center from April 2-23:
Rebecca Breymeier, Hannah Crane, Olivia Diebel, Halie Jerge, Kaitlyn Gaik, Suzanna Robinson, Lexie Roesch, Caroline Schaefer, Danielle Van Volkenberg, Amber Witzleben 
Congratulations to Suzanna Robinson and Claudia Elm. Their works were selected for display at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology as a part of the Future Curators Show April 21 - May 14.
Congratulations Participants at the
Student Visual Art Celebration at the University of Buffalo On February 11 & 12!
Most Unique: Suzy Robinson
Best Sports Photo: Kaitlyn Gaik
Best of School: Halie Jerge 
Participants: Ian Blackchief, Hannah Crane, Kaitlyn Gaik, Halie Jerge, Suzy Robinson, Hayley Roehling, Caroline Schaefer, Danielle Van Volkenberg, Julia Wartinger, Amber Witzleben
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