Mr. Mark Flynn - Director
High School Concert Band 
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Mrs. Debra Komosinski - Director
Elementary Concert Bands
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Ms. Meghen Cierlicki - Director
High School Choral Ensembles
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High School Orchestra

Mr. Benjamin Mozee - Director
High School Music Theory
Middle School General Music
Mrs. Kimberly Stachowski- Director
Grades K - 5 General Music
Elementary Choral Ensembles

     The 42nd anniversary of TubaChristmas was celebrated locally at the Eastern Hills Mall in Clarence, New York on December 10, 2016.  Mrs. Debra Komosinski accompanied three of her students to participate in this unique performance.  Olivia Julicher, Charlie Martina and Trevor Martin joined many other tuba and baritone players from the region for a festive holiday recital.
     The first TubaChristmas was held in 1974 on the Ice Rink Stage of New York City's Rockefeller Center to honor the memory of Mr. William J. Bell (born Christmas Day), to celebrate his achievements as a terrific tuba teacher and performer.  The ensemble consists only of baritones and tubas.

     PRISM 32 was held Thursday, December 8, 2017 with standing room only.  The community favorite features performances "in the round" with transitions from ensemble to ensemble without interruption of audience applause, which is welcomed at the end of the show.  Senior musicians, performing in their final ACS Prism, are easily recognized by their Santa hats.