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    Mr. Cronin is Making Social Studies Great Again!
    "All history must be preserved, not selectively destroyed for political purposes." 
    Global 10, Global 10 Honors, Psychology
    Social Studies Department Chairman
    Contact: Jcronin@akronk12.org 
    Global 10 

     Map Assignment AND Questions 1-9 (Due Friday, March 16th)

    Questions 10-15 (Due Monday, March 19th)

    10-15 word VOCAB QUIZ on Friday, March 16th 

    Africa Map

    Africa Map LABELS

    African Independence TEXTBOOK Questions


    Global 10 HONORS

    All of the following above, plus:

    Documents 1-5 (Due Friday, March 16th)

    Documents 6-7 (Due Monday, March 19th)

    African Independence DOCUMENTS

    African Interdependence QUESTIONS

    Class Being Held in Library (Downstairs Lab) on 3/15
    Class Being Held UPSTAIRS in Mezzanine on 3/16