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    Mr. Cronin is Making Social Studies Great Again!
    "All history must be preserved, not selectively destroyed for political purposes." 
    Global 10, Global 10 Honors, Psychology
    Social Studies Department Chairman
    Contact: Jcronin@akronk12.org 
    Global 10
    Due Monday 12/18: 10-13 for HW Part 1 (You will need the document on the other side of the question sheet) AND ALSO 1-10 for HW Part 2
    Due Tuesday 12/19: Questions 11-13 (Need "Trenches/Weapons" Handout which is NOT available to upload; MUST GET THIS IN CLASS ONLY) 
    Global 10 HONORS
    Due Monday 12/18: Everything listed above EXCEPT #13 for Part 1 AND ALSO Documents 1-3
     We are going to be working on Hoarding Papers Monday and Tuesday in the Library