welcomeAkron Elementary Computer Labs
Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!
My name is Mrs. Dojnik and I look forward to another exciting year with our students! 
The Computer Lab your child will come to on specials day is in room E-219.  The lab is on the second floor in the Elementary building. Our students visit the lab on a 6 day cycle (A-F).
Our lab has 30 student workstations and a teacher workstation.
Overhead projectors with Smart boards are available  in both labs for teacher instruction.
The labs are used for our Kindergarten classes to work on Breakthrough to Literacy and other programs to support N.Y.S. common core.
Our First, Second, and Third Grades use the labs to reinforce their math and literacy skills taught in the classroom. They enjoy Pebble go, Tumble books, Essential Skills and much more :)
Fourth and fifth grades use the lab to work on Achieve 3000 (KidBiz). Students also use Mad Minute, Essential Skills, Mavis Beacon for typing skills, Study Island and Culture Grams.




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