Red Ribbon Week


    Red Ribbon Week 2018 will be observed at Akron Elementary School during the week of October 22nd-26th.  Red Ribbon Week is a campaign designed to raise awareness and promote prevention of alcohol and drug use.  It is a time devoted to teaching children an important lesson - to say "NO" to drugs and "YES" to healthy lifestyles, including good character traits and positive choices.  


    Below is a list of activities in which all faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to participate to demonstrate their support of and commitment to a drug-free lifestyle:

Kick Off word art
  • Monday, October 22: RED RIBBON WEEK KICK-OFF!

    • All are invited to check out the display outside of Mrs. Martin’s Office. Read about “The Top 10 Reasons to Say No to Drugs,” and take a Red Ribbon Week souvenir (one per person)! Choose from a variety of bracelets, bookmarks, pencils, tattoos or stickers!
  • Tuesday, October 23: "RED DAY"

    red ribbon All should wear red in honor of Red Ribbon Week, symbolizing the importance of living a drug-free life!


  • Wednesday, October 24:  “FANCY THAT, WE’RE DRUG-FREE!” DAY

    shirt and tie All are encouraged to dress in fancy outfits (dresses, jewelry, suits and ties) to demonstrate our school’s celebration of being drug-free!fancy girl

  • Thursday, October 25:  "DON'T LET DRUGS MIX YOU UP" DAY

    All are asked to wear mismatched clothing (the crazier, the better!) to demonstrate our awareness of the negative effects of drugs!

  • Friday, October 26:  "TOO BRIGHT TO DO DRUGS" DAY

    sun with sunglasses Wear bright or neon colors and sunglasses as a visual representation of the day's theme.