• Welcome to Akron
    Elementary School
  • Mr. Todd Esposito, Principal
    Mrs. Caroline Kos, Assistant Principal

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  • Grade 4 students
    Akron Elementary did it again! For the fifth year in a row, over 1800 food items were brought in for the Akron-Newstead Food Pantry. The fifth grade class led the way with over 400 cans. The fourth and fifth grade classes counted, sorted and boxed up all the food. A special thanks to the maintenance crew for delivering the food for us.  Next up will be the “Souper” Bowl in February.


    Today... I will do my best to be my best!
    I will listen the first time.
    I will follow directions.
    I will be honest.
    I will respect the rights and
    property of others.
    I can learn.
    I will learn! 



    Dedicated to making a difference, each and every day!