Nya:wëh Sgë:nö'
    Onondowa'ga: Gawë:nö' 7, 8, 2 & 3
    This page contains info and some resources for you to use at home. 
    In Seneca class we learn about how the language works and how it displays our ancestors' beliefs and views.
    Reading and writing the language is a new concept to us as a people and we are all still learning the process.
    In class there will be a major focus on reading and writing, as I feel they will be necessary tools in the future of the language.
    History and culture will also be integrated into the curriculum throughout the year. We cover and talk about events in history that are essential to Hodinöhšo:nih and US history, as there would be no US history without Hodinöhšo:nih history.