Please check your school gmail throughout the week! 

    I am emailing to check in with you. 

    Please check out the "March 16 - until we return" page for direction.

    It will be updated weekly.  Information can also

    be found on the Schoology page.

    My email:  sguyton@akronk12.org

    Current websites being used:

    Freckle (adaptive practice and fact practice)

    Moby Max (fact fluency and "math")

    IXL - an email was sent to teach you how to navigate this website

    Quizizz: new assignments/or LIVE assignment soon!



    Parents/Guardians: (Log in is turned off for "Daily assignments" page between March 16 - until we return)
    You must log into my website to view the chapter notes page as well as homework. Sign in is just above the "A+ Parent Portal" link.  You will need your child's login information (students use their normal school computer log-in) to view the homework page and the chapter notes page. Once in the homework page, click on the homework link to print or copy the homework if assignment was forgotten at school.  You can also access chapter notes that are filled in, in the event the math binder was left at school.


    The daily practice listing page, simply lists the homework, so you can quickly see what the daily assignment is.
    The TI 34-multi-view is the calculator that all middle school teachers use. 


    Room M221
    Telephone number: 542-5040 ext. 6221
    Email: sguyton@akronk12.org