Mission Statement

  • ACS Instructional Coaching Mission and Goals

    The mission of instructional coaching is to increase growth and learning for students and faculty in a collegial environment built upon trust and collaboration.

    • Build sustainable relationships with colleagues
    • Support teacher practice for the purpose of increased student engagement, learning and achievement
    • Engage in continued professional learning
    • Embody and model a growth mindset


What is Instructional Coaching?

  • "Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance." Atul Gawande

    "An Instructional Coach partners with teachers to help them set and meet student focused goals through the implementation of high impact teaching strategies." Jim Knight

    The Akron Central Schools Instructional Coaching program began during the 2014-2015 school year.  The goal of the program is to offer teachers support and encouragement, as well as opportunities for engagement in meaningful conversations around instruction.  The coach acts as an extra set of hands, offering practical strategies, and an extra set of eyes, offering a unique perspective that teachers cannot attain when working in isolation. 

    Our model is based on the work of Jim Knight and the Instructional Coaching Group, Kansas University Center for Research on Learning.

Instructional Coaching Team:

  • Stephanie Schreck, LEAD

    Lacey Cochrane

    Janine DeTine

    Cindy Magera