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    Global History & Geography - 10th Grade
    Social Studies Department 
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    I have closed the grades for the 3rd quarter. Soon we will find out how the 4th quarter will average into your other three marking periods.

    If you are not passing this course based on your first three marking periods, please do NOT panic. The year is NOT OVER and all hope is NOT lost. You all still have a chance to pass the course, so don't give up now!

    Due to these unprecedented circumstances, I am confident the District and all of your teachers are going to come up with a formula and a grading process that will benefit as many students as possible. 

    HOWEVER, you MUST complete all of the assignments so I can prove to school administrators you tried your best. If it is a judgement call and you have not completed work regularly, there is no way I can go to bat for you and advocate why you should get course credit. 

    You will have a minimum of at least 2 full weeks (sometimes more) to complete each unit's HW questions whereas when school was in session you may have only had 3-5 days; you absolutely have enough time to complete the HW.


    Below are the directions and materials needed to complete your assignments for the 4th marking period.

    I have also eliminated the Vocab page of my website.


    Assignment #1: April 13th - May 3rd

    1. Complete all the HW Questions and email me your responses. ONLY SEND WHEN IT IS COMPLETE to jcronin@akronk12.org

    2. I do not care how you get it uploaded to email me so long as I can open it (snapshot, photo, document, etc.).

    3. State which UNIT the questions are for in the subject line of the email. (For example, write "Cold War Part 2" in the subject line.)

    4. The deadline to email me your answers is 11:59 P.M. on MAY 3rd. You can submit them any time before the due date, including right now if they are finished completely.

    5. You must answer ALL questions and ALL parts of each question - not "most," or "almost all of them." (For students who work with Mr. Scorsone, follow what he tells you to complete; he will contact you but don't be afraid to email him also.) 

    6. The first unit is "The Cold War: Part 2."  Click the links below.

    Cold War Part 2: Fighting Communism in Asia & Latin America Notes

    Cold War Part 2 Textbook and Handout Questions

    Cambodian Genocide Handout

    7. Pace yourself and do a little bit each day to not get burned out.

    8. Contact me ASAP with any questions. I am here for you! 


    Assignment #2: May 4th - May 17th

    1. Email me your responses; make sure it is complete before you send it.

    2. Write "Middle East HW" in the subject line.

    3. The deadline to submit this assignment is Sunday, May 17th at 11:59 P.M.

    4. This second unit is the "Middle East Unit"; click the links below.

    Middle East Notes

    Middle East HW Questions

    Irish Potato Famine Handout 

    5. Contact me with any questions.