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    "All history must be preserved, not selectively destroyed or skewed for radicalized political purposes." 
    Global History & Geography - 10th Grade
    Social Studies Department 
    Contact: Jcronin@akronk12.org 


    This is where you go to find out:

    (a) What the assignment is (there may be more than one)

    (b) When they are due, and

    (c) To retrieve electronic copies if you weren't given hard copies.



    1. HW is worth 25% of your grade. If you wish to pass this course and the exam, you need to complete all the assignments even though they won't all be collected.  Don't forget: Minimal or no effort = Failure. Feel free to email me with any questions.

    2 (a) HW is due at the start of class and all answers must be completed for credit.

    2 (b) If you are absent from class the day it is due, you must email me your answers by 3 p.m. sharp. (Even 3:01 is considered "late" and no credit will be awarded.) It is your responsibility to get it to me on time. If you are out for some sort of emergency (e.g. hospitalization, death in the family, etc.), contact me immediately via email or have a parent call me.

    2 (c) Fully remote kids (at home every day) need to email me the HW on the due date by 3 p.m. sharp. After 3 p.m. is considered "Late" and a "zero" will be input for the grade. Even "3:01 p.m." is considered late. It is your responsibility to get it to me on time with all questions answered completely. Email me your responses to jcronin@akronk12.org

    However, you can turn assignments in early and I encourage you to do so. I don't accept late work unless there were circumstances beyond your control, and I will be the judge of that, not you or your parents.

    3. Assignments must be complete to get full credit. If 10 questions are assigned, all 10 must be completed. There will be no partial credit awarded. For example, if you only do 9 of the 10 questions, that gets you a "0" out of 10. If you aren't sure if an answer is correct, try your best and answer it anyway. The answers don't need to all be 100% correct, but you must attempt to answer every question. 

    4. If you email it to me, put the name of the assignment in the subject line of your email.


    Global 10 HW (Periods 2, 5, 6L, and 8) 

    Due 5/13 (Cohort A/C/FR) and 5/14 (Cohort B): Questions 13-20

    Due 5/10 (Cohort A/C and Full remote), and 5/11 (for Cohort B): Cold War Map Assignment (Use page 549 in the textbook) AND Textbook Questions 1-12.

    Cold War Map

    Cold War Map Labels

    Cold War Textbook Questions



    Global 10 HONORS HW (Period 7)

    Due 5/13 (A and FR) and 5/14 (B): The rest of the Cold War Documents

    Due 5/10 (A and FR) and 5/11 (B): Documents A-J

    Cold War DOCUMENTS

    Cold War Document QUESTIONS