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  • Wellness Club Paint Night

  • Ms. Cornell's Students painted Main Street windows in Akron in preparation for the first annual Full Moon Festival sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.


  • Congratulations to Kristen Stachowiak and Sabrina Perry. They earned first and third place respectively in the 11th grade category in the annual Holocaust Resource Center art contest. The theme this year was "Upstanders: Past and Future." The awards assembly will take place on Thursday, May 30th at the Temple Beth Zion in Buffalo.

  • Congratulations to the following photographers: Sabrina Battilana, Lily Enfield, Kyliee Forsha, Giahna LaFromboise, Brooke McIntyre, Hannah McMahon, Olivia Peters, Skyler Rice, Kayleigh Schilling, Marissa Venter. Their work will be shown at the Storr's All-High Photo Show at the Kenan Gallery in Lockport. The opening reception was Sunday, April 7th from 2-5 PM. The show ran from April 7-28. Congratulations Lily Enfield, who earned a school Merit Award at the show!

  • Congratulations to Madison Magill, Adriana Militello, and Olivia Peters. Their photography was selected for display at the Daemen All-High Art Show, with a chance to win scholarship money. Awards are this Sunday, Feb 10th at Daemen College. Good luck, ladies!
    football apple futurism
  • Congratulations to Olivia Diebel and Hailey Hall! They created an amazing mural for the Health hallway. It emphasizes the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Be sure to check it out.

  • Congratulations to all of our artists that created large-scale public works for our school! They look fantastic!
              Glass tiger Mosaic for HS entrance: Clare Scroger, Kyliee Forsha, Jacob Halleck, Hunter Milhollen
              Spanish Day of the Dead Mural: Courtney Johnt, Laurie Poeller, Olivia Diebel, Abbie Shine, Grace Norton
              Musical Mural: Hanna Augustino, Shelby Moreland, Emily Denzler
  • Congratulations to the students representing Akron at the Villa Maria Annual Photo Show. It opened on Thursday, May 10th and runs until May 27th. Hailey Hall earned an Honorable mention. There were over 200 entries from 16 schools in western New York. The following students also represented Akron: Hanna Augustino, Rebecca Breymeier, Miranda Cinotti, Olivia Diebel, Kyla Funtanares, Symon Jonathan, April Koch, Megan Lukasik, Madison Magill, Abigail Nunn, Laurie Poeller, Jeydon Polvino, Alyssa Rebmann, Caroline Schaefer, Katelynn Schlager, Danielle VanVolkenberg. 

  • Congratulations to the students representing Akron at the Storr's All High Photo Show at the Kenan Center from April 22-May 11: Hanna Augustino, Rebecca Breymeier, Olivia Diebel, Symon Jonathan, Mattie Klein, Megan Lukasik, Abigail Nunn, Laurie Poeller, Caroline Schaefer, Marissa Venter. Show runs from Aprill 22 - May 11. Olivia Diebel earned the Akron HS Merit Award, and Symon Jonathan took Best Sports Photo category for all schools.

  • Congratulations Participants in the Pink Cow T-Shirt Design Contest
    Two Akron students are winners: Marissa Venter (2nd) and Sabrina Perry (3rd)
  • Congratulations Participants at the
    Student Celebration of the Visual Arts at the University of Buffalo in the Fine Arts Center atrium On January 27 & 28!
    Awards ceremony was Sunday from 3-5 PM. Artists included: Hanna Augustino, Rebecca Breymeier, Symon Jonathan, Ellie Leeds, Abigail Nunn, Sabrina Perry, Laurie Poeller, Caroline Schaefer, Bill Schafer, and Danielle Van Volkenberg.
    Best in Show- Photojournalism- Sports: Symon Jonathan (Underwater Swimmer: "Practice Makes Perfect")
    Best in School- Photojournalism: Hanna Augustino (Portrait- "Portentuous")
    Best in School: Abby Nunn (Macro Photography- "The Grasshopper")
    Honorable Mention: Billy Schafer (Computer Graphic Drawing- "The Hole In My Pocket")
    Participants: Rebecca breymeier, Danielle VanVolkenberg, Sabrina Perry, Laurie Poeller, Caroline Schaefer, Ellie Leeds
    Rebecca danielle sabrina laurie schaefer111 ellieleeds
  • Congratulations to Suzanna Robinson and Claudia Elm. Their works were selected for display at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology as a part of the Future Curators Show April 21 - May 14. 
    SuzyJumble  ElmAKAG
  • Congratulations Participants at the Student Visual Art Celebration at the University of Buffalo On February 11 & 12!
    Most Unique: Suzy Robinson
    Best Sports Photo: Kaitlyn Gaik
    Best of School: Halie Jerge 
    Participants: Ian Blackchief, Hannah Crane, Hayley Roehling, Caroline Schaefer, Danielle Van Volkenberg, Julia Wartinger, Amber Witzleben, Amanda Ziarniak
    RobSV  GaikSV  JergeSV  BlacSv CraneSV SchaefSV VanVSV WartinSV WitzSV ZiarSV
  • Congratulations to the students representing Akron at the Storr's All High Photo Show at the Kenan Center from April 2-23: Rebecca Breymeier, Hannah Crane, Olivia Diebel, Kaitlyn Gaik, Halie Jerge, Suzanna Robinson, Lexie Roesch, Caroline Schaefer, Danielle Van Volkenberg, Amber WitzlebenCaroline Schaefer earned a Merit Award for her artwork. SchaefKen
    kenan2017 BreyKen CraneKen DiebelKen GaikKen JergeKen RobKen VanVKen WitzKen
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