• English 8 – General information and course policies for students enrolled with Mr. Parks




    General Classroom Expectations:


    1.      Be respectful to all members of the classroom community (including yourself).

    2.      Be physically and mentally present during class time.

    3.      Bring what you are required to for class:

    a.       something to write with

    b.      ELA binder (including looseleaf paper)

    c.       ELA notebook

    d.      homework (when assigned)

    ** Once the bell rings to start class, what is in your locker is no longer available to you.  This includes homework.  An assignment left in a locker or home will not be accepted for credit. **



    Hopefully, you will agree that these rules are rooted very much in common sense.  Come prepared, do your work, and show us that you care about your success.  If you do so, things will go quite well for you this year!



     Grading Policy:

    By their nature, English classes are skills-based (as opposed to content-based).  As such, regular development and practice of those skills is essential to success in the course.  To that end, all assignments should be completed in a diligent and timely manner.  Assignments are expected to be submitted by the deadline; students should expect a score of 0 on any assignment not submitted on time.  Late credit will not be given.  The only exception to this is for excused absences from class.


    To reiterate, assignments will only earn credit if they are turned in at or before the deadline.  In general, the deadline will be the beginning of class on the day the assignment is due.  Assignments may be submitted late for feedback purposes but no credit will be earned in such cases.



     Grade Portal:


    All grades will be posted to the grade portal when they have been entered into Mr. Parks’s grade book.  Parents are encouraged to log on to the portal to check their child's progress, of course, but we highly recommend students have the log-in information as well.  The portal is best used by students themselves so that they can learn to monitor their grades and be proactive about issues they find with them.


    Students who see a grade that is potentially incorrect in the grade portal should see one of us in person to discuss the grade.  If it is a mistake, we will get it fixed immediately.  If it is not, we can discuss why this is with you.



     Extended Absences Within the School Year:


    In the event that an extended absence from class is known about in advance, students may request work before the absence takes place.  However, in most cases we will only be able to provide a portion of the work that will be missed.  It will be the student’s responsibility to stay during 9th period(s) upon returning to make up anything else and get otherwise caught up as best as possible.