• Geometry Syllabus

    Akron Central Schools – Math Department

    Class Policies - Geometry                                                            

    1. Supplies:

      1. Pencils, paper, graph paper, dividers, textbook

      2. 3 ring notebook 1 ½ - 2 in.

      3. Calculator (see attached form for details)


    2. Student Expectations:

      1. Be respectful of the classroom and those in it.

      2. Come to class on time, be prepared, and have a positive attitude.


    3. Homework:

      1. Homework will be assigned almost every night. On average, a homework assignment should take between 20 and 30 minutes. If you find your homework is taking you longer than this, please see me for assistance.

      2. Homework will be scored 0, -, or + based on your attempt to complete the problems assigned. Whenever possible, work must be shown.

      3. Your homework average will count as one test grade. Homework must be corrected in class to receive full credit.


    4. Quizzes:

      1. Quizzes will be given around the half-way points of chapters.

      2. You will always receive advance notice of quizzes. (100 points)


    5. Tests:

      1. A major test will be given at the end of each chapter. (200 points)

      2. There are no retakes on tests or quizzes.

      3. Test corrections are required.




    6. Notebooks:

      1. A 1 ½  - 2 inch binder is recommended.

      2. All notes given in class should be copied into your notebook.

      3. Dividers are required to separate notes, tests, and quizzes.


    7. Absences:

      1. Attendance is extremely important. All work missed must be made up immediately upon return. (notes copied, etc.)

      2. Any homework assignments missed must be completed as soon as you return. It is your responsibility to find out any assignments missed and turn them in for credit.

      3. A test or quiz missed during an absence will be taken on the day of return, unless corresponding subject matter was missed.

      4. If you know beforehand that you will miss class, please see me to get assignments and missed work ahead of time.


    8. Procedures:

      1. Please bring your book, notebook, paper and writing utensil to class every day.

      2. If you experience difficulty on a homework assignment and the problem is not resolved during the next day’s homework correction, please see me for help during 9th period as soon as possible. Do not wait until a test or quiz is failed to come in for help.

      3. Appropriate classroom behavior is expected at all times.


    June and the final exam will be here before we know it! Our goal is to have you do well on it! Let’s have a productive and successful year.