• English Language Arts Policies

    Mrs. Kenyon


    • 3 Ring Binder with 4 Dividers (Spelling/Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Literature)
    • Writing utensils – either a black or blue pen (No other colors please!)
    • Highlighter
    • Looseleaf Paper
    • Whatever piece of literature we are currently studying
    • Agenda



    ROSE RULES.  Respect: Others, Self, & Environment! This is the most important thing to me.  I will always treat you with respect and I expect the same thing in return.  In addition to respecting me, this includes yourself, your peers, and all items in your school.

    BE ON TIME.  You have 3 minutes in between classes.  This is more than enough time to go to your locker, get a drink, and go to the lavatory.  

    BE PREPARED.  Bring all the required materials with you to class every day. 

    TRY.  If you put effort into something, you will succeed.  I understand that things might not come easy to you.  Remember that I am always here to help you.  If you are confused, ask questions.  You can always see me during study hall, after school, or we can set up another time.  Seek out help when you need it!

    BE RESPONSIBLE.  When you have missed a class, find out what we covered!  Look on my website, ask a friend, etc. and get yourself caught up.  It is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed AND complete any missing work.




    ALL assignments (with the exception of class work) are due at the start of class.  Anything after that will be considered late. 

    If assignments are turned in late on a consistent basis, parents will be notified of the problem.

    Your overall grade will be determined by a combination of the grades you have received on:  class work, homework, tests, quizzes, projects, etc.