• Centers in UPK 

    During a typical day in UPK the students will participate in several centers in our classroom for part of our day. The centers will correlate to different lessons and themes that we will be learning. There is a total of ten centers that are set up in our classroom that the students will work in throughout the week. Each center serves a different purpose and will help the students to grow. 


    Alphabet Center

    This center is composed of magnetic shapes, numbers and letters that students will play with and complete different assigned tasks. 

    Art Center

    The art center will be used for students to complete art projects and to explore different materials. 

    Block Center

    The block center is filled with different wooden blocks that are all different sizes and shapes. Students will be allowed to build and create while in this center.

    Math / Manipulative Center

    This center is one of the student's favorites because it is composed of a lot of different things. Some of these things include unifix cubes, bears, animals, dinosaurs, links, legos, number blocks and so much more!

    Pretend Center

    The pretend center currently is set up as a kitchen with food, menus and other fun things. This center will be changed throughout the year and will include dress-up clothes and objects.

    Puzzle Center

    The puzzle center is composed of various types of puzzles. In our classroom, our puzzles are all different shapes, sizes, and themes. Some of these include numbers, letters, animals, buildings, maps, and people.

    Reading Center

    This center is a comfy area for students to curl up and read a good book. This center is also used as a location for students to go if they are upset and need a place to relax. This center has books, pillows and comfy seating for students to be comfortable and enjoy looking through a book. 

    Sensory Center

    This is another favorite center of the students. The first sensory bin is filled with Orbeez (bubble-like object) as well as different objects such as shapes, letters, numbers, boats and fun toys. The other sensory bin is filled with sand for students to dig in and play in while completing assigned tasks. 

    Science Center 

    Our classroom science center will be used for experiments and projects. This center is composed of magnifying glasses, tubes, and other fun science tools for students to play with and explore. 

    Writing Center

    This center is one that students will grow into using throughout the year. The center is composed of paper, pencils, and crayons for students to write and develop their writing skills.