• The Tech Department at Akron Schools is committed to providing support to students and parents during the pandemic and beyond.  Please email or call (716)542-5045 for assistance from 7:30AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday.  We ask that you kindly take a look at our troubleshooting tips to help resolve common problems on your own.


    • WARM WEATHER ALERT:  Please avoid leaving a chromebook outside in direct sun or in a car during extreme heat.

    • COLD WEATHER ALERT: Please avoid leaving a Chromebook outside in a car or elsewhere during cold weather.  If the device is inadvertently left outside, please allow it to warm up slowly inside before trying to charge it.  Do not put it near a heat source to warm it up.

    • FYI FOR ANYONE:  Students can still access their google accounts from other devices.  Simply go to and click sign in on the right side of the screen using your school email credentials!  All of your folders and files, as well as the bookmarks you are accustomed to seeing on your school Chromebook device, will be there.

    • STUDENTS:  Remember, when logging into your Chromebook, the username is your email address, usually last name, first initial (ex. and the password is at least 8 characters. (Some students may have a number included in their username. ex. Please note: Be sure that you are logged in to your school email account, not a personal gmail account.

    • Sometimes it is necessary to clear the cache, or browsing history, if some applications stop working.  To do this, click on the three stacked dots on the upper right side of the screen (near your picture, icon or initial) when you have the Chrome browser open.  Then click More Tools, then Clear Browsing Data.  Click the Advanced tab, make sure the time range is set to "All Time", make sure all of the checkboxes are checked EXCEPT for the one for passwords, then click "Clear Data."

    • Double check that you are logged into your school email account, not a personal gmail account. 

    • Are you sure that you have enough charge?  If you are down to only 1% or 2% or even in the red, your device will not work properly.  Please give it a full charge.

    • Nobody usually likes this suggestion - but have you tried a hard boot of the device?  Please hold the power button in for a full 20 seconds and let the device shut down.  Turn it back on and sign in again.

    • Remove your profile.  Click on the clock/time, then click "Sign Out."  From the screen with the student's icon and name, click the down arrow next to the name. Click "Remove account" then "Remove account" again.  You will be returned to the white Google "Sign in to your Chromebook" window.  Enter your email account (remember that is filled in for you), click enter or next, then enter your Google password.  (All of your bookmarks will remain intact.)

    • You may have a Google device update waiting that is impacting the Chromebook performance.  To check, click on the button where the time is, then the settings gear.  From the left menu of the settings window, you'll see "About Chrome OS" at the bottom of the listing.  Click there, then click on the "Check for Updates" button.  If you have an update, it will show the progress and then ask you to restart when it's done.

    • If you have Spectrum as your internet provider and have a dual-band network, be sure that you are choosing the 2G band for the wifi network.


chromebook repair
  • If you have a Chromebook that needs repair, please complete the ACS CHROMEBOOK REPAIR FORM

    A technician will be in contact to arrange for drop off, repair, and return, and if possible, while-you-wait repairs, as well as use of loaner devices.



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