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Reminder: Akron Schools maintains single point of entry

Akron Central School continues to use a single point of entry to the building. Implemented by the Board of Education and the Safety Committee, the system for visitors to the District between the hours of 7:45AM and 3:30PM is as follows:

• All visitors will enter the building through the main entrance at the front of the school near the flagpoles.

• A School Safety Officer (SSO) will be stationed at this location to greet and admit visitors.

• A communication system will allow visitors to state their name and purpose of their visit prior to entrance.

• Once permitted through the exterior set of doors, visitors must present a driver’s license to the SSO for scanning to the Visitor Management System; visitors must sign in.

• The driver’s license will be kept with the SSO until the visitor returns to sign out.

• A visitor identification sticker will be printed and must be worn at all times while in school or on school grounds.

• Once signed in, the SSO will direct visitors to the appropriate office to finish the sign-in process before proceeding to their destination.

• When the visit is complete, all visitors must first sign out in the appropriate office before returning to the SSO at the front entrance to sign out, return the visitor identification sticker and retrieve their driver’s license.

PLEASE NOTE: Vehicles must be moved from the front bus loading area by 1:45PM. The District appreciates the cooperation and support of all visitors as we continue to use these procedures designed to improve the safety of all students, staff and visitors. Any unauthorized person on school property will be reported to the principal or designee. Unauthorized persons will be asked to leave. All visitors are expected to abide by the rules of public conduct on school property as contained in the Code of Conduct. Questions regarding the procedures may be directed to the Superintendent’s Office at (716) 542-5006.