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ACS statement regarding requests to re-evaluate library-media materials

Recently, the District received requests to evaluate whether specific books were appropriate to have in its joint Middle School-High School Library. The District values input from stakeholders and respects the diversity of opinions on all matters, including the selection of instructional and resource materials that are located within the schools’ library media collections.

In accordance with the District’s policies and procedures, the requests for re-evaluation were addressed by a committee consisting of administrators, teachers, and a parent. Upon examination and consideration of the requests, the committee recommended separating the Middle and High School collections in both physical space and electronically in its catalog system. The committee upheld the current practice of restricting the circulation of the books to students in grades 10-12. 

At this time, the Board of Education is considering an appeal of the Review Committee's decision and may direct further actions related to this matter.

Regarding the presence or placement of a particular book in a library, it is important that the District continues to be open and responsive to the needs and voices within our school community, while also abiding by all mandated governance that guides and directs decision-making.