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Campus Parking Restriction Enforcement

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AKRON CENTRAL SCHOOL • Akron, New York  14001

Mr. Patrick D. McCabe
Superintendent of Schools


No Parking-Fire Lane graphic The safety of students, staff, and visitors to Akron Central Schools is of the utmost importance. Access to the school building, surrounding athletic fields and other venues is critical for emergency vehicles and emergency personnel.  Signage and road paint on the ACS campus indicate “NO PARKING – FIRE LANE and HANDICAP PARKING ONLY” areas. The Akron Board of Education and district administration have asked that all parking restrictions on the campus be obeyed for the safety of all. 

     The Akron Police Department is enforcing the parking rules and will ticket violators who have illegally parked their cars on the school campus.  Violations have increased during evening events at the school, particularly during sporting events held at the pool or gyms, Akron-Newstead Recreation activities and other community group events. 

     In addition to fees one might incur for parking tickets, violators may also be subject to towing fees should a vehicle need to be removed because of illegal parking.  While snow during the winter season may obscure road paint in parking lots, visitors should not expect winter weather conditions will preclude parking citations. 

     While the school district does not wish to alienate its visitors, illegal parking is a serious safety issue that cannot be ignored.  All visitors, as well as students and staff, are asked to please be safety-minded and refrain from parking in fire lanes or other restricted parking areas as indicated.

     Any questions or concerns about the parking restrictions at Akron Schools should be directed to the Superintendent’s office at (716) 542-5006.


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