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    First Grade Homework Policy
    The Board of Education has instituted a K-12 homework policy.  The recommended time period for first graders is approximately 30 minutes per school night.  Since students work at different paces, some may require more or less time to complete homework.
    Homework may include the following:
    1. Reading - examples:  listening to a story, child reading a story to others
    2. Review Vocabulary words (flash cards) frequently
    3. Practice math facts
    4. Worksheets
    5. Assignments not completed in school
    6. Missed assignments due to absences

    Homework should be returned on time.  There will be consequences for work not returned.  (Ex. loss of playtime, staying after school, etc.)  If there is ever a reason that your child is unable to complete his/her homework when it is due, just write a note and we will work something out.

    The purpose of homework is to reinforce and strengthen skills that have been introduced and taught in the classroom.  It also helps children develop a sense of responsibility and set priorities.  Parents and students alike can see the growth made over time and celebrate the accomplishments.  We appreciate your cooperation.