healthy snacks
Way to go!
    • Allow your child a chance to have a little downtime when they first get home. Perhaps enjoy a little snack and tell you about their day.  When they begin their homework have them complete the assignment that they feel is the harder one first.  Then move to the easier assignment so it won't seem as difficult. 

    • Provide a quiet place where they can work.  Do homework in the same place every day, this way they will begin to make the connections that this is where homework needs to be done.

    • You can use a timer to show them how long they will need to work on homework.  It is a nice visual to help keep them on track. 

    • During homework if your child is looking tired or having a hard time sitting take a wiggle break.  Stand up and dance together wiggling each body part and let the wiggles fall onto the ground. (Sounds silly, I know, but it is a fun way to get the wiggles out.)

    • Offer Praise and encouragement during the assignment and only help as needed.

    • Once the assignment is completed check it over and show them how to neatly put the assignment into their backpacks.  Have a backpack holder (basket or something) by the door so they can put their backpack into it and then they'll just have to grab it on their way out in the morning.  Hopefully, this way you won't have to run back for something forgotten in the morning.  If you stay consistent in your approach homework will become easier and they will know exactly what to do. Your child will surprise you on how much more independent they are becoming