• Spelling Word Study Tips:

    ü    Write each spelling word one time normally, one time in wiggly lines, and one time in spots.

    ü    Write each spelling word three times each with different colored markers or colored pencils.

    ü    Try to find your spelling words in a newspaper or magazine.

    ü    Make up songs or poems using your spelling words.

    ü    Cut out letters from newspapers or magazines to spell each spelling word.

    ü    Write your words in sailboat style.

    §       Example: dog


    d o

    d o g 


    ü    Use letter boxes to outline your word.  Then make a blank copy of just the boxes and try to guess which word fits in which boxes.

    ü    Write each spelling word once normally and once using double doodle by holding two pencils, crayons, or markers together and writing.

    ü    Scramble the letters in the spelling words and then unscramble them. 

    ü    Draw a picture.  Hide your spelling words in the picture.

    ü    Play hangman using your spelling words.

    ü    Type your spelling words on the computer 5 times each.

    ü    Write a poem or story using your spelling words.