• Always try your best! The Owl Stars Daily Schedule

    8:00 Arrival, check folder for notes, seatwork activities

    8:10 Morning announcements

    8:20 Lunch count, calendar, days in school, weather

    8:25 ELA--Orton or Listening and Learning part 1
    8:55-10:00 RTI and Guided Reading Groups/Daily 5

    10:00 Snack and Brain Break (Gonoodle.com)

    10:15-11:15 Math

    11:30-12:00 Lunch
    12:05 Story and bathroom time
    12:15 Listening and Learning part 1 or Writing

    12:45 Social Studies/Science
    1:25 Stack and Pack 
    1:37 Daily special 

    2:17 Pick up from special; Get ready to go home.

    2:23 Line up according to bus chart

    2:25 Walk children to front doors and back doors.